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I am trying to connect to my mac from a ubuntu using terminal service vnc option. I am able to connect and view the mac but the vnc screen freezes in almost immediately but the mouse works. the same happens when I try from windows using realvnc.. both computer are on same router too.
Please suggest..

mac book, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    You could try running a different VNC server on your Mac.

    Vine Server (aka OSXvnc) (free)

    Vine Server has been a tried and true VNC server on Mac OS X for years.

    My personal experience with the built-in Mac OS X VNC server is that it plays nice with Mac OS X Screen Sharing client, but not so well with 3rd party clients.

    And the same is often true of the Mac OS X Screen Sharing VNC client, it does not always play nice with 3rd party servers. For that I like JollysFastVNC client:
    and after that Chicken of the VNC client: