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The screen of my Macbook Pro 13 inch falls slowly closed, when the screen is closed halfway,

I brought it for repair, and they told me they are going to replace the whole LCD, is the hinge built in nowadays in the June 2009 macbook pro 13 inch?

Just wondering... also another question:

Will the hardware test fail on the soundchip, if you accidently deleted files that may corrupt the driver of your soundcard?

The reason I ask this is, because my hinge is loose, and I wanted it to get tighten/repaird, now they ran a test and told me the mainboard needs to be replaced as well because of the fact the sound didnt work..

Im pretty sure the sound worked , and before I got to the apple store in a rush, I deleted every file i suspected that could be personal.

Which resulted that some options/menus didnt behave correctly, not sure about the sound though...

so the main question is, is it possible the hardware test say failure if in the software i messed up the driver or something?

Macbook Pro 13 inch June 2009, Mac OS X (10.5.7)