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I happened to check the wi-fi settings on my iPhone and noticed that it says, at the bottom of the page, "HTTP Proxy," and has what appears to be buttons that state "Off," "Manual," and "Automatic."

In layperson's terms:

1) What is "HTTP Proxy" as it relates to the iPhone?
2) What is the difference between the three settings?
3) Is one setting more "secure" than another?
4) What are the benefits and detriments of choosing one setting over another?

Thanks in advance.

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    You really shouldn't have to worry about these settings. It should be set to off if you don't know what it does.

    1) HTTP Proxy is basically a webaddress you type in to your companies proxy server so you can access the internet.
    2) Off, the option is off and manual you type in the address to the proxy and the port number and automatic you point it to a file on the proxy server that automatically sets the the proxy settings for you.
    3) No not really.
    4) None......if you don't know or think you need to go through a proxy to get to the internet select Off.