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Hi... when i try to burn CD(like windows)in apple its burning but not working in my DVD player(not in computer separate music system). Now i wanna know how can i burn CDs and DVDs in apple mac which i can play with my music system

Mini mac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    open itunes, create a new playlist, drag the files there, either from the itunes library or from folders you can see (any drive).

    in itunes > preferences, locate the burning options. select your gap between tracks, if you want the song text tags added, etc.

    click the burn button on the bottom corner of the itunes window.
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    i already tried this but it burn only ACD not in Mp3 and video files(mpeg)
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    looked at your question again, I think what you want is a DVD full of MP3 files, correct? If so, then it's the file system the DVD is burned at when you do this. Your DVD player isn't liking what OS X puts out.

    Try Burn: http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/Pages/English/home.html

    change the format to Joliet, if I recall correctly.
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    No Dear i want to write a Mp3 CD or video file which i can play in my music system not in computer. if i burn the same i can play it in my computer but it wont play in my music system/DVD player. i hope you got me
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    so are you trying to mix the 2?

    generally, you should either burn a music disk or a video disk.

    again, if you are just burning a disc full of mp3 tracks & the stereo isn't reading the disk, try the different burn format options in Burn.app.

    Now, if you are trying to make a DVD movie that will work with a player, you can use Burn for that too, you'll have to make a disk with a VIDEO_TS folder.

    what you won't be able to do is burn files which are rented or bought from itunes, these have DRM. As do the old music tracks from iTunes. Neither one of these can be burned to a disk & just played as they are on other systems.

    An audio CD from itunes should play on anything, but certain devices are looking for a specific blank media to use.

    What is your equipment?
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    I wand to write either Mp3 or video file both are not reading my sony home theatre. Now i wand to know how can i change the burn format. now it burn .fpbf change it to .mpeg for video amd.mp3 for music files
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    what model is your sony theatre? it may not like the file formats you are feeding it.