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Hey Guys,

Is there any way to get an MSI for quicktime so I can deploy it to 1000+ computers? I work for an k-12 school district and need to install quicktime on all the computers.

If I can get an MSI I can push it out, But I can't find one released from Apple nor can I easily find a way to contact Apple.

Any help?



Windows Vista
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    I rarely use my PC and all of that link is greek to me. Maybe it means something to you?
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    Thats something I had considered, But the program that that tutorial wants you to use costs 4000. The school district I work for would not like that if I asked for it. Thanks though..Any other ideas?
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    I only did a simple Google search.
    Since I have 4 "dots" next to my name I can ask some others for help.
    Please wait a bit for a reply.
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    Crazypcgeek wrote:
    Is there any way to get an MSI for quicktime so I can deploy it to 1000+ computers? I work for an k-12 school district and need to install quicktime on all the computers.

    Within the Quicktime Installer executable is an MSI package which can be deployed.

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    How much will you pay for me to do this?
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    I'm not going to pay anyone to do this for me. And also the MSI that the exe unpacks isn't supposed to work. That's why in a previous post someone recommended running a program to tweek it.

    I'm still looking into the second link provided, the appdeploy.
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    I was only joking. The .msi file created from QuickTimeInstaller exe, is not likely to work. And based on Apple's License Agreement it would not be wise to try to tweek anything, I'd check with Apple on the proper procedure.

    2. Permitted License Uses and Restrictions.
    This License allows you to install and use one copy of the Apple Software on a single computer at a time. This License does not allow the Apple Software to exist on more than one computer at a time, and you may not make the Apple Software availible over a network where it could be used by multiple computers at the same time.
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    I have a similar problem (with version 7.6.4). Does anyone know if there are guidelines from Apple somewhere on Quicktime deployment? I have a license agreement with them, but I didn't get any advice with that agreement. Appdeploy is helpful but I'd rather use command-line switches for the .exe that Apple provides if they're available... At the moment, using something like quicktime.exe /quiet will install quicktime, but throw an error when you try to open it. "Please install Apple Application Support." Apple Application Support will sucessfully install if you run the .exe without the /quiet switch. The licensing folks inform me that Apple Application Support (which is a separate program) does not have a separate installer. From the tone of the answer, I think that I'm supposed to be asking a different department these questions, but I'm lost as to where to go...
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    The only thing I can tell you is I don't work for Apple and don't have any opinion on how to use their software, on multiple computers. I take risk on computers, but definately not that one
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    Here is the quicktime story. First off CrazyPCGeek, you can use Orca to edit MSI's. It's free, easy, and especially doesn't cost 4000 dollars. On to the meat and potatoes.

    Historically Quicktime version 7.X.X is an executable wrapped around a couple of MSI's. Up to 7.6.2 there were two MSI's packed in the exe. One for quicktime and one for Apple Software Updater, which NO enterprise wants to deploy for obvious reasons. All you had to do was simply open the exe in something like 7zip or winrar and copy out the MSI you want, and make some edits in Orca to disable desktop shortcuts etc. This worked great.

    However with 7.6.4 they added a 3rd MSI called application support. Without application support installed quicktime will not launch once installed (totally bogus). The worst part is even if you do install it with the exe silently, like another person posted, it simply bypasses the application support installation and FAIL!

    I got tricky and decided to install both the quicktime msi and the application support msi, this seemed to work until i tried to watch a video in firefox...FAIL, it acts as if QT just isn't installed (wack). Works in IE though.

    So from what I can tell Apple totally jacked up the quicktime installer to basically make it impossible to silently install this for users. Worst yet, most enterprises are moving to a limited user environment where user's dont have the permissions (nor should they) to install said software (guessing that's what boat you are in at your school).

    If ANYONE knows a developer at Apple, please let them know the unrest enterprises across the world are (no doubt) experiencing due to this. I am ready to say f it and deploy VLC player

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    Hey Chirs,

    Here's what you gotta do...

    To obtain both needed MSI's (AppleApplicationSupport.msi & QuickTime.msi) use the Apple Update Software tool (which installs with quicktime by default).

    1. Launch Apple Update Software tool.
    - Choose download only option instead of install.
    - The files will be saved in the following directory:
    C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple\Apple Software Update

    2. Use orca to modify QuickTime.msi for English deployment.
    - Open MSI w/Orca.
    - Click View -> Summary Information.
    - Under Language delete all except for 1033 (this is the code for US English).
    - Save MSI/close Orca

    3. If deploying using group policy be sure to include both MSI’s in your GPO.

    I’ve also found that installs sometimes fail if the following condition exists in the quicktime package:

    If you’re running into the same issue, just drop/remove that row. It’s located in:

    You can also due a search for "NOT BNEWERPRODUCTISINSTALLED"

    Hope this helps.

    BTW, I used to work for the school system down here in Miami, good luck with those teachers. I find educators are the hardest users to train.

    Take care,

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    This works but a few caveats. You don't need to use software update, you can download the exe installer and open it with winzip or whatever you like and extract the two msi's. Like I said earlier though, if your users use firefox this method won't work. Firefox can't see the quicktime installation unless you run the exe it seems.
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    I decided to completely repackage it with installshield's admin studio installation monitoring. after some tweaking i think i got it. let me know if anyone wants the nitty gritty details.

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