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I have a number of family videos I ripped onto disk (a mix of .mp4 and .m4v files). I want to pick clips from these files and compile them into a new movie file. Can I do this in iMovie without having to convert and copy all of the clips?

If iMovie isn't the right tool please suggest what might do this most conveniently. The workflow I have in mind is to open one of the video files, copy a section, paste it onto the end of the new file. Some fades or other transitions is desirable but I don't need any fancy editing.

Thanks in advance!

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    In iMovie, you could import all these videos as Events. iMovie would leave them as mp4, but it would take some time to generate thumbnails.

    You would start a new project. You can select clips from multiple events to add to the project.

    If I were you, I would use iMovie's FILE/IMPORT(from file) command to bring in one of the m4v and one of the mp4 files. If this does not work, you may need some pre-processing or conversion.

    If they work, go to the Movies/iMovie Events folder on your internal drive. If you prefer an external drive, you will need a drive that is formatted Mac OS Extended (journaled) (Not FAT32), and add a folder at the top level called iMovie Events.

    Create a folder under this folder. The folder name should be the event name. Then, drag the files for this event into the folder. This is a way of rapidly importing multiple events. The next time you open iMovie, it will generate the thumbnails.
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    QuickTime Pro.
    Transitions would need an import into iMovie.
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    Thanks guys. Since my files are on a NAS and iMovie '09 doesn't work well with networked storage I guess I'll have to allocate a lot of time to this project.