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Rudy Soetewey Level 1 (135 points)
Here in Belgium, Europe, the wait for a new iPhoneGS at the moment is said to be 8 months. Eight, that is! Now with apple renewing its iphone-setup every year, that means virtually NO iphones at all.
Now I really like my iphone. But wanting to buy another one, and having to wait (at least!) 8 months is really putting me off.
This morning I starting looking at other offerings, for the first time... It surprised even me
If Apple can't get it's act together, I'm afraid they can produce - present, that is, during another keynote - as much machines as they like. They're never available anyway, so why bother?
Let's get something that at least we CAN buy.
If you look at the stats worldwide, they ARE blowing it bigtime at the moment. Reasons? No idea. Reactions? Don't expect any. Explanations? Wuha!
I hope Apple realises that one can only wait so long. And after that, people walk away, never to come back.

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