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Ok, the subject is pretty clear. In Grid view the so-called header - the pane on top where the Albums-Artists-Genres-Composers buttons are, and also the scroll box is - is disabled in default view for every playlist, including main library. One needs to turn it on for each playlist manually. Or maybe I just don't know something?

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    I was looking for the same feature too.

    The feature is still there, you just need to click the magnifying glass in the search bar & it will give you options "Artist" "Album" "Composer" & "Songs".

    Another similar feature is column view, you can click on the view menu and select "Show Column Browser"
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    I was having the same issue. I have always used the top columns (in descending order to reduce my options) to sort through my library and was desperately searching for column view controls. I was already considering reinstalling the old Itunes.
    In Itunes 8 I remember that the column view was turned off and on with Ctrl + B. That still works but I hadnt figured out how to control it untill I found your post.
    Lots of thanks.