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  • crashsite68 Level 1 Level 1
    Wow... I clearly stated this was not a matter of PC vs. Mac. It affects both systems equally from what I've read here. Quit trolling for trouble.
  • mountain0070 Level 1 Level 1
    Similar problems here as well. Running MB with 10.6 OS, iTunes 9.0 and iPhone 3.1. iTunes has been working, but gives the error 13019, cannot sync iphone and sometimes hangs during iphone backup. The iphone backup hanging recently crashed iTunes. I agree with this idea Apple released this a little early without all the bugs out. Apple please iTunes 9.0.1 to fixes these problems affecting so many people already within the first 24 hours of release. I have not had any difficulties with iTunes 9.0 on my Mac Mini running 10.6. Appears to be iTunes 9.0 and iphone/itouch 3.1 problems.
  • jakjak9210 Level 1 Level 1
    Just thought i would add my name to the list, im definitely inclined to believe it is a large library thing, i have just over 120gb of music on mine, and its unacceptably slow.

    Go here and alert apple of your problems:
  • crashsite68 Level 1 Level 1

    I also have a library of about 120GB or so... I didn't notice the problem until I tried purchasing things from the iTunes store. When I tried to change to a different view (such as music) it froze. Seems to do this while my ipod is plugged in as well. If I change views while it's syncing... it freezes.
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    "It's VERY obvious. Steve wouldn't talk about the fact that he was gravely ill until now and it's the same thing with the ipod... they don't want to look bad so they come out with some BS excuse..."

    I will end it there but just an FYI, anything that's not produced by Apple Inc. is only hearsay (rumors).
    Deciding Steve Job's health and the changes to a device being the reason for a product not being outfitted or redesigned the way that credits rumors is just absurd. If the issue with iTunes is the reason for venting I can surly understand but, misinterpreted pictures from untrusted sources being the fault with company's decision making, in my opinion isn't fair.
  • Joel_H Level 1 Level 1
    Thought I'd contribute my personal experience.

    Downloaded iTunes 9 from the site before it appeared in the software update, and worked perfectly. Installed iPhone OS 3.1 and used the new application interface with no problems whatsoever. Then tried to download something from iTunes U and my whole mac crashed: hard drive stopped whirring, and although I could click on the menus the items didn't work. A few hard resets (permission repairs & disk verifications) later, I decided to give up on iTunes U until a stable update.

    Although this is billed as iTunes 9, it is in fact an extremely small update. How come it's so buggy?!
  • iciconnect Level 1 Level 1
    That was the 3rd thing I've tried and I have nothing there, no plug-ins.
    I've notice that the equalizer was turn on so I turned it off. Still nothing seem to resolve Spinning Ball.

    I ran iTunes last night in fact I streamed from computer to my AppleTV and I had no known issues until I attempt to change something.
    There is something wrong, another update my be the only way to correct random type issues.
  • iciconnect Level 1 Level 1
    I've updated with Software Update.

    That's odd!
    I'm sure Apple is on this issue as we speak, it is odd that for a year now updates are coming more and more common due to missed bugs! Now I'm starting to wonder if these issues are the direct results to beat the competition. This was never Apple's grounds before but ever since those Get a PC ads.....
  • Ben Kelley Level 1 Level 1
    I myself download iTunes 9 right when it was released, In fact I was sittin on the apple website waiting, when i downloaded it I was so disappointed. It SO SLOW, i only have about 3gb of internal HHD music stored on it and when i try to scroll my library, it lags so far behind, and if I push it to hard it crashes. I recently had to roll back to iTunes 8 which is WAY quicker. Very disappointed Apple. Please fix this problem. Cant believe you'd allow something this buggy to be release when your known for stability and quality.
  • iciconnect Level 1 Level 1
    Well for me, it's was allot faster!!

    Have you notice that iTunes was down for a while yesterday.
    I guess that's when they updated the site with the software and information.
    I wasn't able to connect for about 30 to 45 minutes yesterday evening (Eastern Time).
  • Craig Best Level 4 Level 4
    Hate to gloat but my update to iTunes 9 went fine, took just minutes to update the library or 15000 songs, (took longer to turn Genius on for the first time) but no hanging or excessive spinning ball. My iPod classic works great and is synced, importing works I just haven't had an issue with this update yet. While is making me nervious reading the other reports.

    The only problem I do have is Apple up updating the software for my older classic to run Genius on it.

    Maybe it's the OS (I have Leopard 10.5.8) or the options in iTunes but I hope they fix it for those who have had issues.
  • flec65 Level 1 Level 1
    ITunes 9 is hanging every time I'm using it. The spinning beach ball sits there until I do a force quit. ITunes is then marked red in the Force quit window.

    All the analyses have been done successfully (or so it seams) on the first launch. iTunes is not displaying any particular activity on top of its window. I have a large library of nearly 112 Gb.

    I can't relate the hanging to a particular action either. It happened in a variety of circumstances since the install yesterday: switching Spaces, waking from sleep, video playback, downloading podcast, browsing my library or the iTunes Store...

    What I did notice however is that there's activity on my external firewire hard drive (with a clone of my system) when the hanging happens. This drive is included in the Spotlight privacy list.

    I think I'll try to re-create my iTunes library and see if that resolves my issue.
  • jakjak9210 Level 1 Level 1
    well, all i can say is send in bug reports using the link i posted earlier, this is ridiculous, i figure, if enough people send in reports, they cant ignore it. ps, i downgraded back to 8.2, its running fine, and is fast as ever, just had to select my library from yesterday and off it went.
  • amoeba Level 1 Level 1
    I also saw this problem of iTunes continuously hanging pretty much as soon as it launched. OS X 10.6.1 didn't solve anything. Tried deleting all prefs/libraries, all with no effect at all.

    It seemed to be somehow related to iTunes trying to access the internet so I tried uninstalling Little Snitch (even though iTunes was set to allow all connections) in case that helped. Nope.

    So, I went into my System Prefs - Network and noticed I had 3 active connections - my Airport connection, and the 2 standard Parallels Adaptors that Parallels 4 installs by default to allow shared and host-only networking. I made the 2 Parallels networking connection inactive, so that only my Airport connection was active with a green light. Applied and quit System Prefs.

    Launched iTunes and suddenly everything works. Quit iTunes, put my original Library folder back and relaunched. Still all working!

    Finally quit iTunes and re-activated the 2 Parallels networking connections. Relaunch iTunes and all still working. No more hangs, no more spinning beach ball. Everything is now really responsive, including Genius and Genius mixes.

    Don't know if others have Parallels installed, but might be worth a try.
  • SS Level 2 Level 2
    iTunes crashes all the time. A lot when accessing the music store and syncing an iPod or iPhone. It happened the first time I opened a iTunes LP as well.

    I hope all these crash reports iTunes is sending back to Apple do some good. iTunes 9 feels like beta software. It crashes more then any Apple software I have ever had has. Way more then Safari and I've only used it for two evenings!
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