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  • Simpsomatt Level 1 (0 points)
    What's the difference between the "encryption" which is apparently not supported on the pre-3Gs models, and the "SSL" option, which I have activated on my 3G and is apparently working, even after the 3.1 update?

    My "Exchange" server is actually Z-push, which is an open-source front-end which uses Microsoft Active Sync protocol to allow the iPhone to get push email from an IMAP server by emulating an Exchange interface. In other words, my email server is really IMAP, but I define an Exchange account on the iPhone that talks to the z-push web front-end. So it's neither Exchange 2003 nor Exchange 2007, and I don't know which one it looks like. I don't have a checkbox to "require encryption", but it's an https interface, and the SSL option is turned on in the iPhone account, so I assumed that meant my email traffic was being encrypted. Is there some other form of encryption beyond SSL? Or is the SSL option just being ignored by the iPhone? In that case, how could it work on an https interface?

    (Just noticed the OS selector hasn't been updated to allow iphone OS 3.1 yet, but that's what I'm running)
  • GreggTeHennepe Level 1 (0 points)
    My understanding is the encryption refers not to transmission of data but the data stored on the device.
  • GreggTeHennepe Level 1 (0 points)
    We have heard back from our account SE, however it wasn't very helpful. I'm not convinced he understands the issue yet.
  • GreggTeHennepe Level 1 (0 points)
    Apple has posted a KB:

    Their only recommendation is to modify your Exchange policy.
  • jjmo Level 1 (0 points)
    Looks like back to Synching with Outlook while I shop for a Palm and pay At&T $175.00 cancel fee. Yay!!
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    Not sure if someone else has already said this, and I'm not trying to state the obvious. I was having the same problem and restarting the phone fixed the problem.
  • veropr Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the 3GS and I tried turning off my phone. Still doesn't work. My error message just says "the connection to the server failed."
  • GeorgeIT Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi All,

    Im not sure we understand the big deal of this... If I understand what is actually happening:

    Transmission encryption between Exchange and the Iphone occurs over SSL and this is encrypted.

    There is a POLICY setting on the Exchange server that allows the admin to REQUIRE local data encryption of the "offline" mail on the mobile device. It is this policy setting that seems to be the "issue".

    If the policy is on then the mobile device must respect the setting if not it is supposed to reject device.

    It seems that only the 3GS device has the ability to encrypt the "offline" data that is on the device. Apparantly, the 3GS has a hardware encryption chip to do the job.

    On the prior models they do not have the capability to do the encryption.

    It would seem that this problem probably should have popped up earlier since the encryption policy HAS been available prior to the 3GS device and Apple did not strictly respect the policy which would be inadequate and incomplete support for the ActiveSynch protocol.. Wonder where Microsoft was in this?

    So from a device standpoint any device prior to the 3GS device is not as secure as the 3GS device but you could "fallback" on a device wipe, device lock, sim lock to gain some protection. The IT departments would have to make a determination if that is safe enough...For mobile devices that is a bit scary they get lost/stolen much more frequently than Laptops/PC's.

    Would think that a software encryption option could be implemented but maybe the older phones are just not powerful enough.

    Bottom line, if you MUST have the local store encrypted only the 3GS is going to do it. Otherwise, you have to turn the policy off...

    I wonder how many device "ignore" the policy even though they CANT do the encryption???
  • urbanleopard Level 1 (0 points)
    Mine works OK, though it took a long time to complete first sync after installing 3.1.

    iPhone 3G - factory unlocked - hosted Exchange 2007.
  • KimAsker Level 1 (0 points)
    I am having a 3G and after upgrade to 3.1 I couldn't sync with the company exchange 2007 server. Only way so far for me were to downgrade with I finally succeeded just following the guidelines from


    I took some time and I only lost some minor data as I had use a backup 2 weeks old - but it worked and I can now sync again - the iPhone is back to 3.0.1 and I am waiting until Apple releases a 3.1.1 were the problem is fixed.
  • Special2k3 Level 1 (0 points)

    can anyone confirm that Email and calendar Push with a iPhone 3GS and a Exchange 2003 SP2 Server is still possible with OS 3.1?

  • Lee Royle Level 1 (0 points)
    is this just a problem with 3.1 with exchange 2007 or both 2003 and 2007?

    i am on 2003 but dont want to upgrade iphone now just incase
  • KORG__ Level 1 (30 points)
    just to save everyone the trouble of self trouble shooting your self in the foot

    Bottom line is that everyone who purchaced an iPhone and the iPhone 3G were mislead by _ _ _ _ _.
    Stating that it could sync with Exhange Servers with encription enabled but reality the 1st & 2nd gen iPhone were only just spoofing your companies Exchange Servers into thinking it was an excripted device. What's really sad is that it was all recorded on video tape at a keynote address promising that it indeed had this Exchange support with encription feature but in 20/20 hind sight it didn't. Only the newer iPhone 3GS has it. So now after the 3.1 update "the company that shall not be named" wants you to go to your companies IT department to have them change company policy into disabling encription so that you can be allowed to hop back into the server. (good luck)

    I could write more in detail what's going to come of this but it would only get ugly....
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    This update is killing my confidence in Apple as a enterprise option for a smart phone. I guess my only option is to go to the store and get them to act based on a warranty claim.
  • KORG__ Level 1 (30 points)
    It's interesting that _ _ _ _ _ disabled the feature (now that the 3GS here) and I think they said it just a "bug" (not buying it) and that it some how allowed the iPhones to sync with Exchange Servers with encription. I'm not sure what makes the difference between the 3GS and the other previous iPhone hardware wise but they could possible re-enable the feature with encription. It tough to pay so much for something that works then to have it not work. I thought updates were to fix things not brake your device. I'm hoping for the best but not holding my breath either.

    I'm not a lawyer nor pretend to be one but this thing reeks to high heaven of lawsuit. From the companies stand point to right down to the end user, this is a fiasco.
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