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    I'm not sure what you mean by "not true..."


    I'm sitting in front of my MBP, rebooting it every 5-9 minutes, because my Thunderbolt docked SSD keeps self-ejecting.  I was hopeful that I'd be able to finish this clone tonight, but each time I restart, it only stays connected for a few minutes. 


    Since I posted earlier, I have switched to another new Thunderbolt cable, moved my SSD into the "privacy" section so Spotlight won't keep indexing it, and ran Repair Disk on both drives (both reported OK).


    The MBP is sitting next to me as I type this on my iMac, and there is no activity, screensaver, or sleep mode happening either.  (It just happened again...).

  • par333 Level 1 Level 1

    You tried to put the entire blame on the Tbolt, but at the same time you are using a SSD. 


    After reading all the posts on this topic the eject problem occurs when USB is used with any type of drive (HD,SSD) or when Tbolt is used with SSD. 


    I have not experienced, nor read, of any problem using Tbolt with HD.

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    You are saying that you have read all the posts on this topic?????

    Somehow you have missed all of mine cause couple of my firewire connected hds have this same problem.


    And to update everyone else, I have tried to reformat my latest fw drive on a pc and then to use Paragon NTFS for Mac to be able to move the files from and to this drive - yes, you are guessing right - my drive was ejected all over again. So, reformating on the pc does not help

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    I said that I have not yet experienced, nor read, of any problem with Tbolt and HD.  I do not recall reading any problem with this combo in any of the posts here.


    And since when is firewire = thunderbold?


    If anyone has had an eject problem with Tbolt and HD, then please educate me.

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    I have recently posted about the same problem the T-bolt external hard drive.

  • par333 Level 1 Level 1

    Have you yet had a problem with your LaCie 4T Thunderbolt drive?


    Please post when you do!

  • GeneSchmidt Level 1 Level 1

    No. None at all. 

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    Might just be coincidence, but I read on another site someone solved their problem by plugging the external drive into a completely different wall socket.


    I have a Mac Mini 2012, all the latest updates, with two WD My Book for Mac external drives hooked up, all the latest updates, firmware updated on both drives.  Drives are 2TB and 3TB and the 3TB was the culprit, randomly ejecting with the error message.  Since I unplugged the 3TB and put it into a different wall socket (on a different breaker completely), no disconnects in 3 days (and this was normally happening about twice a day).


    I haven't read all the previous posts to see if this was already suggested and shot down, but is possibly a solution. 


    I'm sure that now that I've suggested it, my drives will start disconnecting again lol...

  • Apollo Reyes1 Level 1 Level 1

    saw this entry in one of the Seagate's forum . . . It's about Backup not recognized after Mac Restart:

    Since I've tried every thing and all the combination fixes and yet still kept on ejecting my external Seagates, I thought I'd try this . . . and guess what . . .It's working so far - All my drives have stayed pretty stable !!! It's too good to be true as it requires just deleting "Seagate Storage Driver.kext" . . . Try it if you have Seagate external hdd . . .


    I even left my iMac's settings in Energy Saver to 'put hd to sleep when possible' (checked) and when I awoke this morning, my external drives were still there . . . I surely hope this stay on for good !!! I hope it also works for many of you guys who have 'been in the same boat as I was . . .




    Re: Backup Plus Not Recognized After Mac Restart



    Apple provided the following solution:


    Under /System/Library/Extensions/ - delete the file "Seagate Storage Driver.kext"



    After  removing this Seagate storage extension from my Library, the iMac now  automatically mounts the Backup Plus drive after shutdown or restart.

    Please comment if this helps you later




  • Apollo Reyes1 Level 1 Level 1

    it's funny how that single file wreaked havoc in my entire (brand new)   iMac for weeks !!!  And yes, my iMac is still stable . . . even my   Finder which was acting strangely before this fix . . . I hope this fix   helps many more

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    Purchased a LaCie 8TB Thunderbolt Raid drive just over a week ago. Connected to late 2012 27" iMac. Worked perfectly for a week then the dreaded 'Disc not ejected properly' message started. Even though I get the error messages the two drives I have connected (the 8TB Thunderbolt and a 2TB LaCie backup drive)  seem to remain connected and are accessible.


    Not sure whats going on!

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 Level 9

    What does Disk Utility say about the disk?



  • ad5901 Level 1 Level 1

    DU reports the drive OK.Also have the LaCie RAID Monitor installed which reports both drives OK! Confused as to why I now have the disk not ejected message every time I wake the iMac from sleep.

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    Bought new iMac a month ago and set it up with a LaCie backup drive using a Thunderbolt connection.  Everything including the backup immediately worked without a hitch. A week ago, the alarming "disk not properly ejected" message began appearing every time I would wake up my Mac.   My wife has the same model iMac which is about eight months old.  As soon as we brought home her desktop, I hooked it up via a Thunderbolt cable to a backup drive (not a LaCie).  That all worked swimmingly until three days ago when said ugly message began appearing on her iMac when it would wake up.  I know that various cables and non-Apple hardware have been among the many suspected sources of this problem, but the synchronous timing of its onset on two discrete iMac desktop set ups in my house suggest--to me, at least-- that this is an issue precipitated by  the OS . I recall running an OS update about a week ago on my desktop and about four days ago on my wife's.


    I apologize if this POV has been adequately explored earlier in this thread, but I've only read back ten,or so, pages.

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    It seems that people have this problem for different reasons.  For me, software repair/maintenance fixes things for months at a time.  It's not a bad idea to run the built in Disk Utility repair on your computer's hard drive after each software upgrade.   If you get an automatic eject after that, run it on your external drive as well.   [Don't delay the latter.  The automatic ejects can escalate to a point where they're occurring every few seconds, making it difficult to do the repair.]


    I tend to run OnyX ( on my computer (I check everything in the automation panel) and then use Disk Utility on my external drive.


    I've had the same drive since 2011, had things get really bad (ejecting every few seconds) and managed to fix it each time.  I usually go 3 to 6 months between problems.  Software changes and disconnecting the external drive multiple times (when I travel) seem to trigger the problem.


    I keep forgetting to try ditching the Time Machine plist (see pg. 50 of this thread). 

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