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Since iPhone 3.0...

Appls would "install" on my phone but I couldn't see them on the actual phone or launch them. When I'd go to App Store on the phone and try to install them from there, it would say "installed"

I'd search my phone (built-in spotlight) and check every page and no go. The issue is even more apparent now with Apple's built in app-management tool. I have a full page (16 apps) and none of them are showing up.

I'd like to also note that they're all games (odd right?) and there's an entire page full of them, they show up as installed, I can move them around but they don't show up on the iPhone itself.

1. Aqua Moto
2. Aurora Feint
3. Bebot
4. Crash Bandicoot
5. Crazy Penguin
6. Cro-Mag Rally
7. Deadmau5
8. Enigmo
9. Fastlane Street Racing
10. Flight Control
11. SimCity
12. Space deadbeef
13. Super MOnkey Ball
14. Tap Tap Revenge 3
15. Wolfenstein 3D
16. X-Plane Extreme

I've reinstalled all apps and I've even did a full restore of the phone. No luck. I'm so stuck!

MacBook Pro 2.6Ghz. 4Gbs of Ram. 200Gbs 7200RPM. iPhone 3G 16Gb. 24" Dell LCD, Mac OS X (10.5.4), 2 Terabytes of external Storage and a 1Tb Time Capsule