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    The "clean slate" solution has worked for me a number of times. By the way, however, it isn't necessary to "restore" your iPod after erasing it, you can just go ahead and sync. Mine doesn't work perfectly: It is still resetting itself from time to time but totally non-destructively. Over 30,000 songs on it, and every one of them is accessible. Playlists are occasionally wonky, but not so much I want to stop using them.

    I think the real issue here is some kind of iPod firmware or software problem, not iTunes. It is a shame that this hasn't already been fixed, but all is not lost. Just wipe it clean and start over and all is well...
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    running whatever the newest version is.
    ipod is 160g classic and still running 1.1.2pc
    its about a year and a half old.

    ipod will freeze everything up when syncing. it still works unplugged. tried two different computers. it was just working last week.

    has this been figured out or anyone know atleast what is happening/source of the problem? dont really want to dig through almost 50 pages of posts.

    also want to add that i have 9.2.x (or it might be 9.1) at work and thats where i do most of my meddling with my ipod. it is not connected to the internet and does not update. i have been running the same version for a few months now and within last week the ipod was acting up. i dont get why.
    also downgraded to 8.x and it didnt fix any thing. argh.
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    *I posted this on another thread, and still works fine for me.*

    Itunes Users:

    After having 2 160GB Ipods FAIL of a "catastrophic failure" instantly and simultaneously when I updated to Itunes, Theres a solution that Scott at the Apple Store and I came up with that works to where you can regress BACKWARDS to Itunes

    We worked on this Uninstall and Re-install for 2 days straight at the Genius Bar at the Gateway Mall.

    I applaud Scott at the Apple Store for replacing my First Generations Black and Silver 160Gb Ipods (you could "feel the hard drive fail") that I never had a problem with EVER until Updating to the Itunes

    *IF you have NOT updated to Itunes DONT*

    DO NOT ADD: Bonjour or Mobile Me (unless you HAVE an Iphone or itouch or iPad)

    IF you have updated to Itunes and have NO PROBLEMS, Great.

    IF you did update to Itunes and cant get it to work. I have a solution that will work.

    DO NOT have any ipods connected.

    back up your itunes files ( you should be doing this regardless)

    Organize Music ( one folder, one location) most people have files all over several locations and HDs

    SHUT DOWN ANY BROWERS, messengers, stay off of them while doing these following steps:

    YOU WILL LOOSE Playlists, and Library information ( you cannot use newer version .plist or .itl files and go BACKWARDS to a previous Itunes version)



    restart your computer

    Find version Itunes ( if you cant, I have a factory version that works) email me and you can have it for free

    install Itunes ON THE SAME hard drive you had the previous version
    ( if this fails to open, make sure you do not have ANY .plist or .itl files saved on the SAME hard drive that you are installing the Itunes version to.)

    (if you are installing a new external hard drive you can select the destination at the beginning of the install)

    IF this STILL doesnt work.....and gives the error "cannot continue with Itunes because the .plist or .itl files are not compatible with a newer version of Itunes".....

    (P.C.s >>>> While HOLDING DOWN the SHIFT on itunes shortcut .....
    (Macs >>>> While HOLDING DOWN the CONTROL on itunes shortcut .....
    This forces Itunes to open.

    It will give you the option of a NEW Library in Itunes.

    I named mine: New Itunes

    With NOTHING IN THIS LIBRARY.... connect your Ipod. yes this will give you the message: Ipods can only be connected with ONE library at a time, do you want to erase and sync?

    Click yes.

    When finished, RESTORE your Ipod. I suggest at least twice.

    Disconnect your ipod and test the functions to be sure it works and doesnt fail again (yes it will be an empty ipod.

    If it does, continue on.....

    re connect your Ipod.

    When its stopped syncing you can start to re add files....

    Open your New Itunes library Folder:
    you will see your old Itunes folder and NEW Itunes Folder. You can click-hold and drag to move your "old Itunes library files" over to the NEW Library by having two folders side by side. and it will be faster than moving them from hard drive to hard drive. This is a great time to install your itunes files to an external hard drive if you have ever thought of doing so

    when your old files are in the New Itunes folder....close the Old itunes folder ( should be empty folder at this point. Delete the OLD FOLDER. (empty the recycle bin as this OLD Itunes FOLDER has encoding from a new Itunes version)

    With New Itunes open:........

    Go to: Preferences> Advanced tab> make sure these two squares are checked, keep Itunes folders organized and Copy files to Itunes Media folder when adding to library.

    CHECK YOUR DESTINATION FOLDER to reflect the NEW Itunes Folder ( with your files moved over)
    example: H:\iTunes\iTunes New

    Then and only then....

    Click and drag no more than 25 folders at a time (500 tracks) over to Itunes in the main title and description area or the upper left hand corner Music/Library. Any more than that might freeze up/crash your computer)
    (you wont have any personal playlists)

    Let them load and then they will "process".

    When you finish....

    sync your ipod.

    You should be good to go.

    yes you will loose your "playlists" and settings but this is the price of not having to buy a new ipod.

    your Apple Store should replace your Ipod(s) if they are literally ""clicking off""/failing and you can feel it while holding them. My Apple Store did and they were 4 months past/out of the extended care plan which I never used.

    My warranty/replacement ipods came back and work fine after another one day "catastrophic failure" of being BRAND NEW out of the box on Itunes

    DO NOT update to Itunes

    Good Luck

    Webmasters/Moderators: Please archive this to help others!!!!
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    this did not fix anything. installed old version. tried a restore after bearly getting my iPod and iTunes working together. tried a restore and it did nothing. said it did the restore but my music is there and itunes is less responsive then it was before. i have been trying to do a second restore but i cant make it that far. its all locked up yet again and i cant get anywhere.

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    how about instead of editing my posts and removing what you don't like to read on me, MOD, you get the problems fixed?

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    Just wondering if Apple has come up with anything yet? I would love to sync my iPod. I was one of the lucky ones who stumbled on this thread before I ever synced. I have an iPad and I have the last version of iTunes, which isn't a problem for that.....but from what I've read here I don't dare try and use it with my iPod. I sent an email to support, but never heard boo from them.
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    I see itunes 10 is out. Is anyone having luck syncing the ipod classic (80gb in my case) with it without freezing up and crashing? I've completely uninstalled itunes 9 but am afraid to jump through all the hoops to try to get it to work again. My ipod is all cleaned up and ready to go again. I'm hoping for a positive sign from someone....
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    wiped old itunes and installed 10. froze. cant do anything. at least my ipod doesn't make the "I'm ready to commit suicide" noises anymore when trying to verify.
    still not happy. **** apple.

    EDIT: ok taking a step back i noticed Edit>Pref>Advanced> "stop sync" or something like that. let me get my ipod up and i could look around. kind of afraid to format it and then i cant use it ever again. on second look itunes just froze again.
    somewhere to start and i'm done for the night. if anyone gets anywhere please post back.

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    Patiently waiting to hear if folks are able to sync their ipod classic with itunes 10. Hoping!... but not quite brave enough to try it myself yet.
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    I used these instructions with great success! Thanks. I'll be anxious to hear about iTunes 10 and iPod classic
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    I'm following nascarnbroncos advice, but bollocks to going near iTunes 10 for the time being. I've spent all night last night transfering libraries and whatnot. I don't think I'm confident enough to set up 10 and have it bork again.
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    im still having the same problem as before ( after updating to itunes v.10), ipod removed all the songs it was skipping and now i can't resync them (and it's not the songs that are a problem). also near all my album artwork gone and when i try to sync my ipod, itunes freezes half way, not letting me redownload any of my stuff that was lost. i also keep on getting messages from windows that files cannot be saved because problems with ipod.
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    I haven't read all 47 pages of this thread, but I wanted to share my experience.

    I had the same problem -- old 80Gb classic iPod, upgraded to 9, got the message that the iPod was corrupt.

    I immediately downgraded back to iTunes 8. It recognized and synched my iPod just fine.

    It has been working fine ever since. And I would be happy to keep using 8, but I just got an iPhone and it needs 9. So I will be following this thread to see if anyone has luck with 10.
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    My 120g ipod classic would not stay connected to itunes or computer. It would sync music I added but after syncing, would just eject itself. If I just randomly connected the ipod to my iMac (10.6.4), it would eject after 2 sec. I couldn't do anything. It wouldn't stay connected long enough to restore. I tried to connect it to the same iMac my coworker has and the same thing happened. I realized it was a 9.2 issue. My previous computer had iTunes 8. Our office had a Mac Mini (10.4.11) with iTunes 9.0.3 on it. I was able to sync to it and restore my ipod. I then was able to sync to iTunes 10 on my iMac and my ipod stays connected now. I guess I got lucky.
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    OH DUDE THANK YOU wlamar91. THAT finally did the trick fer me!!! I was about to reformat it and start all over again like mooksmom said (Page 5 currently, near the beginning). My iPod's album art is corrupt but fine in iTunes, which is probably cuz of the crappy "update"... I can get over that, I'm just glad I can sync again. No more dang updates fer me. I have the 160GB 7th Gen iPod Classic. I'm still anxious about trying to sync it up again... sigh. No screw ups so far.


    REPOSTING what wlamar91 said:
    "1. Reset iPod but when you see Apple logo press and hold Center button and Play/Pause to put into Disk Mode.
    2. Plug iPod into USB
    3. It synced for me.
    4. Then reset iPod again to take out of Disk Mode
    5. iPod works perfectly...(so far)...

    If that don't work, try what mooksmom said. Here's a REPOST:
    "I plugged in my ipod and opened itunes. When windows recognized my ipod I clicked on my computer, then right clicked on my ipod which gave me some options including reformatting the hard drive in it. I clicked on that and it took about 30 minutes to reformat but it is back to normal now. Hope this helped."
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