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  • The BLaCK ReDNeCK Level 1 Level 1
    The above post by me was fer those coming up with the stupid error codes (1439, 50, 120, etc) about not being able to sync or have the iPod recognized correctly. wlamar91's solution worked fer me. If you couldn't restore the iPod at all then you should try to follow the steps. Note: wlamar91's directions are to put them in disk mode MANUALLY, since enabling disk mode via iTunes won't work cuz it won't recognize it or some other error.

    iTunes might not be able to find the disk. Sometimes changing the disk letter name (i.e. from "X:" to "F:") may work.

    Yer iPod's album art may become corrupt, meaning that some album art will be on different songs that they aren't supposed to. Album art may be fine in iTunes. To fix this, they (Apple techs) say to disable iPod album art via iTunes and then enable it again. I do not think i'm gon try that, simply cuz i aint tryna screw my iPod over again. I won't be downloading iTunes 10 any time soon.

    I don't know why Apple dont pay attention to their customers, seeing how the majority of them err iPod Classic users. I refuse to buy another one, seeing how I spent a good amount o' money already dang it. Fer those of you whose iPods (Classics) are fine and you haven't upgraged to iTunes 9 yet, DO NOT DO IT. Hope the tips help. Goodluck.
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    OH YEAH... once yall get yalls iPods working again, the consensus is to downgrade to iTunes 8, if you can. You may lose the ability to rent movies, as i've read from some o' yall, but you can still buy music, play music, sync, buy other crap, and stuff, etc. yall have to completely uninstall iTunes 9, and I think that even means losing the current library (or libraries) yall had with iTunes 9, and start all over. Sounds like a pain, dont it?

    I haven't downgraded yet, and I don't know if I really want to. I might in the future if I get another dang problem like this. beaconfield, i hope you got yer problem solved. Thousands of us err mad.

  • The BLaCK ReDNeCK Level 1 Level 1
    not sure if i'm too late on replying to you.

    But if yall DO DOWNGRADE TO ITUNES 8 OR LOWER (sorry, not yelling at you err anyone else in a demeaning way, just tryna get attn), THEN YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SYNC WITH ITUNES 8 IF YOU STILL HAVE CERTAIN ITUNES 9 DATA. Sumn about the file extensions and the way they are read. I ferget, but iTunes 8 cannot read the newer playlists. Some data may be lost. Blows, but make a choice.

    The playlists/library files are not readable by older versions. You can't play a Wii game disc in a Gamecube console even though they are both from Nintendo, right? Do yall understand now? So if you have precious playlists in iTunes 9, then you will lose them.

    I haven't downgraded. And, actually, I do not think that 160GB iPods can sync with an iTunes less than the 9 release. Not compatible. Wasn't the main reason Apple made iTunes 9 was to sync with 160GB (and 120GB, if I'm correct)??? CHECK ME ON THIS. If you have either model, make sure you know which iTunes are compatible.

    New info: ALL the data that I had on my iPod prior to the "erros" are all back on my iPod, by the way. So I do not know why some yaller missing data. Sorry. Follow the steps i did (by wlamar91, a few pages into this thread from the beginning or look at my earlier posts about manual disk mode-- which is a few posts before this one). You might have to KEEP putting yer iPod back into manual disk mode in order to sync without problems. I am not trying to find out if that is not necessary, too many risks lol. I try to limit my syncing to maybe 1 or 2 times a month, if needed.
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    I've "upgraded" to itunes 10, hoping that the problem would be solved by now... It isn't. Not for me anyhow. How about the rest of you? I can still sync if I put the ipod manually into disk mode, and I suppose that is a fine work-around, but I am still hoping for an actual fix. Very frustrating indeed.
  • EvanWaters Level 1 Level 1
    The latest iTunes 10 upgrade seems to have caused this problem for my Classic 120. It will connect, say "synchronizing" (which is weird because I have it set to synch manually, but it always did this), and then eject, even in disk mode. I can't restore but have done the other 4 Rs, and have replaced the USB cable/tried different ports as well.

    I can get the computer to read it if I quit iTunes, connect the iPod, and force quit iTunes as it's opening automatically. I can't really do anything with it except move non-MP3 files on and off, though, so that's not very useful.

    The iPod itself works fine when not connected, and it even gets a charge from the USB connection, so I dunno.
  • BrandonP1234 Level 1 Level 1
    here is my fix. I have been struggling with this for some time now and my ipod 160g is working completely bug free as of this post.

    Plugged my PC formatted iPod into a mac. instantly worked with no message that it needed to be formatted. was able to view and playback music on it. now i have no idea why a mac was able to use my PC formatted ipod.
    Formatted it with the mac.
    took it home and plugged it into my pc.
    itunes wanted to format the ipod as it was formatted for a mac and now its good to go!
    Running right now with no plans to EVER update. have loaded it up and plugged and unplugged it with no issues or hesitation.

    I can not guarantee this will work for everyone but it might be a solution for some. good luck to all and hopefully i will not have to deal with this again.
  • The BLaCK ReDNeCK Level 1 Level 1
    ahh... you lucky muh fuh lmao. It seems yer 160GB can sync with iTunes 8... I have the newer version and it caint! Oh well.

    Update 10/5/2010: I still have no problem syncing, adding, and managing music (auto-sync turned off). Of course, I'm still putting my iPod in manual disk mode just in case. I aint tryna see if i don't have to. If any yall had a similar solution like mine then you can test that out.

    *PS: one of my posts says i have the 7th Gen 160GB, it's actually the 6th. Typo, my bad.
  • JHOB30 Level 1 Level 1
    THANKS A MILLION !!! I followed what mooksmom suggested and it worked fine to me ! The only thing I had to do was uninstall iTunes before reformatting my iPod because Windows didn´t recognize it at all when iTunes was opened automatically when connecting the iPod.

    P.S: I tried installing iTunes 10 again and it seems that now it works fine since then.
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    Seriously irritated punter No.669,123 here! Having fallen foul of the Version 9 upgrade which caused my computer to freeze, you'd think I'd know better! Apparently not tho - having fixed that major glitch (by waiting over ten minutes for the sync to free itself) I made the mistake of assuming that Apple wouldn't commit the same crime again. Sadly, however, having upgraded to Version 10, lo and behold my 160gb classic completely freezes up itunes when its plugged in. I can't see any point in going through the angst of restoring, uninstalling, etc as that solved nothing last time. I am currently hoping it might free itself up again but have waited over an hour and still nothing. Any bursts of inspiration anyone (and that includes the powers at be at Apple)?
  • Mike Strohmeyer Level 1 Level 1
    Wow - can't believe this thread is over a year old. My story - I have a 6 month-old 160GB Classic that was working perfectly until about six weeks ago when it froze up entirely one night while I was playing music. Took it to the local Apple Store and they managed in a few minutes to get it restarted and restored it. Came home, synced it with my iMac, and everything was fine. Then a couple of days ago I discovered that neither my contacts nor my calendars were syncing - neither space on the iPod had anything in it except the template calendars. I should have left well enough alone - I don't use the iPod for anything except music and a few videos - but I decided to see what would happen if I restored it. Plugged it into the computer, hit the "Restore" button in iTunes, and waited to see what would happen. After a couple of minutes, got the "an error occurred...." and the error code was 1416. Clicked on the "More Information" button in the error dialog box and was taken to an Apple web page that gave instructions on what to do to correct the problem - mostly the classic "5 Rs," change USB ports, etc. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I found that the iPod itself wouldn't reset using the select and menu keys. Tried to plug it back into the computer and now I had a "disk" that the system didn't recognize. I was about to throw the iPod against the wall after several cycles of plugging and unplugging it to no avail, and then it occurred to me to try one more time to restore it in iTunes. For some reason it went through the restore process with no difficulties and is now in the process of reloading all my music and videos. I have no earthly idea why it worked the last time around when the OS wouldn't even recognize it, but I'm thankful, at least for the moment. We'll see if the calendars and contacts sync .
  • The BLaCK ReDNeCK Level 1 Level 1
    No prob! I'm still trying to see if I can get the word out to people havin similar problems. Apple still hasn't gotten on the ball about that. Hope yers don't eff up again.
  • El Rito Level 1 Level 1
    I doubt anybody checks this, otherwise you'd think that they would address these problems. I've called Apple"Care"???, I've been on the net etc... Hardware corrupted. More like Apple Corrupted. This is not an unusual occurrence. My 80gig Classic **** the bed a few days ago, and nothing has helped. I was able to download approx. 1800 songs and eject it before I got the unable to sync. message.
    If you're here in this discussion, write to apple via the feedback, it may be the only way to help them get rid of their corrupted hardware.
    Just Sayin
  • gpcsmith Level 1 Level 1
    I got my iPod 160 gb Classic for Christmas last year and had all the problems listed here. I got so frustrated spending days to get it working. Since it was still under warranty I took it to the Apple store. Of course it worked there, especially since they synced it to a Mac (I have a pc). He did some hard reset "a harder reset than we can do ourselves" he told me. He said it will work fine now, I won't have any problems now. I told him, in Arnolds words, "I'll be back" and true to my word I was. My iPod synced with no problem, iTunes was fine, didn't freeze up but when I went to use it, it said No Music, No Podcast, No Movies...nothing, HOWEVER it did say that I only had 60 gb left. I left it like that and went to a different Apple store and they replaced it. No questions asked. In fact that rep told me the first guy should have replaced when I was there the first time. I did make the prior store note on my account that they told tell me they would replace it if I had problems again. So far, so good. I have my fingers crossed but I probably jinxed myself now.

    My recommendation to anyone that still has their iPod under warranty is to go to the Apple store so they look at it and make them note your account if they say anything like they'll replace it. Keep bugging them. When I am close to the end of my warranty I will buy the Apple Care but only to give me peace of mind for another 12 months. As for the others out of warranty, I don't know. I feel your pain. I went through the same crap. If I were you I would take your iPods to the Apple Store and raise holy **** with them, especially if you have your ipod with you that's not working. Post post post and then print what you have been going through and take that with you to show a continued problem. I haven't and won't upgrade to iTunes 10. Too scared to. Good luck to you all.
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    okay, so here is my problem (I really hope im posting it in the right place) I think my ipod hates me! It worked fin until last night, when I purchased some music from the itunes store. Yesterday afternoon I added some music from a couple CD's onto my itunes library. Well last night when I went tosync my ipod (after months of not doing it) my computer told me something was wrong and to restoe my ipod to factory settings, I did so and all my old stuff, and the CD's were synced to my ipod, but not the purchased items. so I tried again. Well my computer tried to scan the disk for problems, and it would do it why I dont knw. Im not computer savvy and so I have no clue what to do to make this work.
    Anyway, now I have 8 songs on my ipod, thats all that will sunc to it. Every time I try to sync it I get errors. Or it just stops syncing and doesnt start again.
  • bittersweetangel Level 1 Level 1
    sorry I forgot to mention I have an ipod classic 120gb
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