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    So I tunes 10.1 is out. Has anyone downloaded it? Can 10.1 be the fix we have all wanted? Doubt it, but I will download it today and try again.
  • The BLaCK ReDNeCK Level 1 Level 1

    Did you read through this WHOLE thread before posting, and tried ALL of the solutions offered, including my own??? If not, please do that. That's what I did. Get back to the rest of us if you figured out how to fix yer iPod or not. But please, read the whole thread and get as much help from that first.

    Give a little and get a little eh. Goodluck!
  • The BLaCK ReDNeCK Level 1 Level 1
    Alright... almost the end of the year here. I believe this should be my last post on this topic. I'm giving my final results/follow up.

    My iPod no longer needs to be in disk mode to sync correctly. I found this out on a mishap, fergetting to do it. But it works fine now. You probably only have to put it in disk mode once to do a successful sync. Of course, I discovered this a WHILE back, so I've been able to add gigs and gigs of music to my iPod successfully (at the same time too). I synced over 10 gigs in one sitting. Perfect. I still don't let my iPod sync automatically--only when I let it. I STILL don't intend to upgrage my iTunes The updates are FAIL. Find my posts earlier in this thread, around the same pages and this post.

    The album art is still effed up cuz of the initial problem though. There aint no "take off iPod album art" button in iTunes 9, apparently. They dropped that feature with iTunes 9. What a shame! So I guess the only way to get the album art back to normal is to either restore the iPod (not happenin') or re-add the album art manually... again.

    I have a black 160GB 6th Gen (NOT 7th) iPod Classic.

    That's that then. Remember, READ THROUGH THIS WHOLE THREAD and try different suggestions. If it's worth it to you, yer Apple toy, then you'll do it. Hope yall have goodluck. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and whatnot.

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    Well I read every post on this thread and tried just about everything I could find on the internet. My bug did not happen when upgrading to iTunes 9, but the symptoms are the same. I encountered this problem in the past, about a year ago. Back then, I must have spent about 20 hours trying different things. I even tried to boot with Linux and format the iPod using GParted. I am no guru, but I am definitely not tech-shy.

    No format utility can even do the job. It's like the disk access has gotten corrupted on the hardware or very low level. The partition that contains the music becomes "phantom" and the operating system gets confused on how to access it. It tries to create a new partition when you use a formatting tool, but it's almost like it's not pointing to the right device on a hardware level.

    So last year after trying everything, I got it to work miraculously. After it synced I went "What the heck just happened?". I have no clue how it finally retraced the phantom partition. The files that were originally on the iPod re-appeared.

    Even though I have the latest iPod, this defect is still very much alive today and waiting at every opportunity to mess with you. It happened last week when I plugged my iPod to the office computer.

    Anyways, long story short, this time I was not successful restoring it. I will have to go to the store. There is NO fix to this problem. You would need to be an Apple developer and be able to use a debuger on the iPod.
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    I do not see why this thread is "answered."

    I have tried everything... from simple restoring, to downgrading to an earlier edition of I-Tunes, calling a representative, trying to reformat, to putting it into disc mode. The more and more I try the angrier I get. Like others, I have come to the conclusion that my I-pod was severely damaged after upgrading to I- Tunes 9. Apple has done nothing and, at this point, I think the only answer is a class action lawsuit for their forced obsolescence.
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    Ok, the same problem but i got some more and maybe a solution,i have IPod Classic 80 GB, Windows 7, after plugging into USB says Windows can't recognize the device, Code 43, trying to install failed. I installed ITunes 10 for 64x and nothing. In Device Manager tried to install driver from Apple folder and it's said it wasn't installed properly, Code 10. I tried to upgrade all USB Controllers and still nothing, even Windows can't identify the Ipod, i restarted ipod, turned into Disc Mode and nothing. But i remember it worked ok on Win 7 before, but i upgraded it in ITunes.

    But i did one thing more, i plugged in Ipod, went into Device Manager and uninstalled all USB controllers, and magic Ipod was recognized by Windows and ITunes but it said that this device can work faster on USB 2.0, so i installed again USB 2.0 and Ipod disappeard again. Again unistalled USB 2.0 only this time and it worked again, maybe can someone try to do this and see what's happen. I think upgrading Ipod with newest ITunes will disable it in Win 7 usin High Speed USB.
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    No one has posted here since March 1st, but I feel as though this is still the best and most impressive thread about this problem. I have seriously read through every single possible solution, not only in this thread, but on the internet. I have tried everything.


    I have a 80GB iPod classic that is about 2.5 years old. Back around November, my iPod suddenly became corrupted and erased all of my music. I was on a computer that barely had any space at the time, so I never got to back up any of my music. I started using SharePod to put music back onto my iPod because it was a faster process. I never had any problems syncing or any corruptions the entire time I was using SharePod. I started keeping the files for my music and have them backed up on this new computer. Everything was going fine, until I realized that one of the other user's was still logged on to the computer while I was on, and they had iTunes 9 or 10 open. I was using SharePod on my account and it instantly locked up during a sync. I couldn't eject my iPod in any way possible, so I had to yank out the cord. I tried syncing a few more times because I thought the computer was just messing up, and it kept happening, and one of those times erased my iPod completely. Luckily, I had my music backed up this time, but I was still furious. I also noticed my iPod started to make really loud clicking sounds from the inside. I thought my iPod was just dead, until I found threads online like this one and I finally understood everything that had happened.


    I tried doing the old restore, reformat, and all that stuff. The thing is, reformatting and restoring it can temporarily fix it for some reason and you can get some music on, but one of the very next times you try to sync, it all happens all over again. My music got erased again after I had spent lots of time putting it all back on.


    Since the problem has begun, I have tried the following:

    1. Restoring

    2. Reformatting

    3. Disk mode

    4. Restoring/Reformatting in Disk Mode

    5. Smacking it

    6. Different USB ports

    7. Reinstalling USB drivers

    8. Earlier versions of iTunes

    9. Other programs (SharePod, Media Monkey)

    10. 'Scan and fixing' the disk

    11. Disabling auto-sync


    I feel like I just have to give up, because I have tried everything. The only thing I could possibly do is bring it to Apple or contact them about it, but I feel like they wouldn't do anything or suggest anything I haven't already tried. My iPod is way out of warranty.


    I can't believe this has been a major issue since 2009 and Apple has not done anything about it. You expect a product like this to work effeciently for a very long time and do what it's supposed to do without problems when you pay that much for it and it promises what it does. This entire problem has just really put me over the edge. I really wish that someone will find a solution that works for everyone with this problem. I can't afford a new iPod, and really.. I refuse to buy a new iPod.

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    I'm not going to sift through this thread of 49 pages. My iPod is 5 months old (the last iPod I bought a year ago crapped out and Apple had no choice but to give me a new one). I've had roughly the same problem as everyone here. My iPod first wouldn't sync, then it would say it was corrupted, have 0 kb of space available on my 160 GB (there was nothing on it since I had to reformat it). I took my iPod to best buy (I got an extended warranty because I knew in advance my ipod would never function properly), told them about my situation, and they repaired it, giving me a new battery and hard drive. At first I thought the problem was with the iPod. Turns out it's an iTunes error.


    I've done everything. Disk modes. Factory resets. Re-installing itunes. Different usb drives. It's not even being recognized by iTunes anymore.


    When are Apple going to own up to the fact their products are absolute garbage? I was forced to buy this piece of trash because there is literally no alternative out there and I have already been burned multiple times. I agree with the poster a few posts above; there should be a class action lawsuit.


    You would think with the billions of dollars this company has made by selling over priced mediocre products they could at least spend a couple million to fix bugs which have been around for years now.

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    I too probably have this problem with an early 160gb iPod black classic. I found the thread by chance looking to see if it was possible to upgrade the hard drive assuming I had a hardware problem. This could have been an expensive mistake as I guess iTunes 9+ souls have corrupteur the replacement disk!

  • Auldy93 Level 1 Level 1

    If it's any consolation a quick work around the shoddy Itunes 9 is use the latest version of Spotify to sync your ipod instead? This is what I'm currewntly doing and it seems to work okay now

  • MarkRB Level 1 Level 1

    Many thanks for the Spotify idea. I have just started syncing over 9000 songs so let's hope for the best.

  • devilbeard Level 1 Level 1

    Any joy?


    Just tried Spotify; Spotify recognizes the iPod Classic, but says that it needs to be set up in iTunes first.  Which I'm unable to do because iTunes crashes every time I have the iPod classic plugged in.



  • Svenrog Level 1 Level 1

    Plugged into a Mac mini carrying iTunes. Fixed everything.

  • jongrubb Level 1 Level 1

    anyone got a fix from updating to Lion?


    If not i guess might be new ipods this september, i really do not want one. not after this.

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    Same here.  Classic Ipod 160 GB and the latest iTunes 10 on Windows Vista 64bit


    Ipad connects, My Computer and iTunes see it and then it instantly disconnects.


    iTunes donesn't see it in disk mode so all the Apple troubleshooting guides became worthless.


    I've tried everything Apple and most forums say to do but nothing works.


    I find it odd that this has been an on-going problem since 2008 and still no good fix from Apple.


    $250 paperweight as it sits now.