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    I had same problems en tried also several solutions without succes.

    I found out that the HDD of my ipod Classic was corrupt and had several bad clusters (total 206).

    I solved this by using the software program HDD Regeneration. This piece of software checks and repairs your HDD. After repairing my ipod works perfect again.

    You can find it here:

    To find out if your IPOD Classic has also bad clusters you can use the demo version. With the demo version you can check the HDD and repair 1 bad cluster. Search on the internet and you can find also versions that reapairs everything ( as you know what I mean).


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    this just happened to me. how do you fix it? this was expensive and i don't have the money to go buy a new one.

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    Try to start iTunes and then connect the iPod.

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    make a new account on your computer, and do it that way. i got a new ipod but i was just playing around and it works now!

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    I have a black 160GB iPod Classic from 2008 (5th or 6th generation). What happened to me with the iPod is really surprising and unbelievable, but I'm not going to tell the sad story because it seems it is not unpublished news. As I read the full chronology of this thread, my initial surprise of such an incredible bad luck disappeared. After all, I wasn't so unlucky if the same had happened to so many people. Is not that I feel better if somebody else suffers the same loss. It is simply that it is not bad luck. It seems that the probability of my iPod being destroyed or annulated by a tool of the manufacturer (iTunes) was high.


    My disbelief came when I found out that this problem started in 2009, and now, after 2 years, there is no solution from the Company responsible. I have been able to confirm that the last files saved in the frozen comatose iPod match in dates with the installation of iTunes 9. Before that, no problem at all with the iPod. It was working so fine that I didn't want to upgrade itunes to itunes 9, but my appreciation of the ipod products made me buy a new ipod touch for my family. This error killed my machine. I could not use the new ipod touch without an upgrading.


    It is such a big deception that such a huge error has not been addressed by a company that I used to respect, that all I can say is NUNCA MAIS

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    Well, well, well! this post really does " duzit4you" !


    I was horrified when i got my old faithful 80gb classic out today, tried charging it, to no avail.


    I followed your instructions, and BOOM! It worked - no messing.


    You are a lifesaver - drop in for a cuppa anytime! lol


    Seriously, thanks a whole heap. You made my day.



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    i am the same i have a 32gb i have only  used it a few time and now its gone it wont even turn off and i bet apple will say it has nutting to do with them

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    I have a 160 GB iPod and for some reason it started acting up. I first realised it was acting oddly when I tried to play some music, but it wouldn't play anything (not even videos or podcasts). The time bar would remain at 0:00, the album artwork wouldn't appear and then it would take me back to the main menu. My friend said that I should hard-reboot it and I did so. Now there is a big Red "X" on my iPod everytime I try and interact with it, and it also keeps making a weird clicking noise. I have tried hooking it up to my computer and my iTunes many times but it just isn't having it.


    I have had this iPod little more than a month and music plays a big part in my life. Could someone please help me out here!

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    same problem... ipod classic 160gb. i have tried to resync my ipod literally 100 times in the past few weeks. occasionally i can get it to work for a few hundred songs if i sync them manually, 10 or so at a time. still, once i eject and unplug the files are not showing on my ipod.

    i now know that it's itunes that did this, not the ipod, because i actually PURCHASED A NEW CLASSIC. thanks, apple, i just spent hundreds that weren't necessary... taking that one back... anyway, it's itunes, not your ipod. right now i'm working on downgrading to itunes 8.2 & hopefully that will make life easier.

    i've been out of music in my car for weeks now, and i've spent hundreds buying a new ipod. i am very unhappy right now, apple.

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    Just had the same problem. Went to store and i have 2 options:

    1. Pay $135+tax because "thats the cost to fix it" (But you can buy apple care beforehand for $59 and they fix it for free. Im sure they're losing $90 by fixing it without the applecare)

    2. Get 10% off a new iPod.


    This is bull$h!+

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    Looks like I'm joining a long line of unhappy iPod users.


    Im running a windows 7 and XP machines and I have a black 160Gb iPod Classic. Im running iTunes 10.6.1 and it started to freeze itunes each time the ipod was connected.


    After following all of the suggestions on this thread and even trying Apples useless suggestions I have got it to stop freezing itunes but now itunes says the ipod is courrpted and needs restoring.


    Upon trying to restore the ipod it comes up with an error 1439. Again I have tried all of the suggestion even tried downgrading to 10.4 but to no avail.


    It has been working up until now and im banging my head against the wall. Is there a fix? by the looks of it no. Is it worth going and blowing another $300 on a new one just to have the same problem **** no.. Can someone from Apple please help us on this issue as it seems its not just me having this issue. Or does anyone ahve any more suggestions I can try.

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    This issue may be answered later, but I just wanted to say that while my iPod froze up a couple of years ago it's run fine since then, thru to Lion OS and iTunes 10.x (whatever the latest version is).  Also, I haven't seen any mention here that I can recall of uninstalling iTunes and then reinstalling it.  Your copy could easily be corrupt and be causing all the freeze ups and other issues documented here.

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    Thought I'd update my last post.


    I took my ipod back to the apple store. The guys there tried hard reset and connecting it to their macs as I run PCs and they still couldnt get it to work.


    They sent it back to apple and they replaced the ipod for me sayin it was a hardware fault with the drive. Luckily I guess it was still under warranty but maybe considering the amount of people with this problem anyone out of warranty should have a case to have it replaced under warranty.


    My suggestion is if apple refuse to replace it and you know the ipod failed through no fault of your own then take to your fair trade commission with all of these threads and see if they can help you to get a replacement.



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    I've had my classic for about 3 years now and i've been running into these issues recently:

    1) When disconnected from PC, will not turn on

    2) When charged, either by wall, pc, or car, I'm presented with constant flash (on and off showing the apple icon). If I toggle the "HOLD" on it stops the flashing and the ipod shuts off.

    3) Sometimes my pc does recognize it (shows the connected message with the orange and black icon) and I am able to sync it with itunes but once I disconnect it again, it shuts off completely.

    4) When my ipod is my "Cygnett Sports Armband" case at times it will shut off, when I have it on hold while running music. (I think this is a result of the ipod being so tight against my arm)

    For solutions I've attempted: restoring my ipod from itunes and doing it manually (toggling the HOLD button, holding down the proper buttons to shut off Ipod and shut it on, etc..) but nothing has worked so far. I'm thinking a might need a new battery.


    Has anyone here considering installing an alternative software to itunes, restoring and then syncing their ipods to see if the common "14xx error" many of you are having still shows up?

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    does anybody know if replacing the hard drive will work? im tempted to get a new one (possible upgrade from a 80gb to a 120gb while im at it) from ebay and hope for the best....


    any ideas if it works? h


    the hardrives for these at the moment are at about £40. not too bad if it means a working ipod again.