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Today I upgraded to Itunes 9 and my iphone to 3.1. During the iphone upgrade, I received an error message stating I had to restore my Iphone after re-connecting. So I re-connected, and get the choice of setting up the iphone as "a new iphone" or "restorE from a backup". I restored from backup as I wanted to keep all settings/contacts etc, but found out to my dismay this did not backup applications.

Now, all my applications are gone, and I don´t see any way to get them back! I know I can download them individually, but that kinda ***** don´t you agree?

Sorry, but this is stupid. Iphone update crashed and wiped out all my applications at the same time, leaving me with no options in backup, or no way to download all apps again.

For those Thinking "Store -> Check for available downloads" might solve it - wrong. I guess this is only for music/video, as I just get the message "All purchases have been downloaded for this account".

My "applications" in Itunes is empty, and so is the Iphone(except for the default apps of course)

I turned from windows to mac a few months ago, and I really enjoy most things apple now, but sometimes I wonder if it was a good idea in terms of productivity and efficiency.

macbook pro 13, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    I even checked some of the apps I have purchased through the itunes store, from my macbook and from iphone, and I have to pay for them again!

    So, Apple deleted all my apps in some weak iphone update crash, and they just expect me to purchase all my apps again? Something is wrong here ...
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    If you are using the same iTunes Store account you used when you first purchased them, you don't have to pay again. You do have to click on the "Buy" button, and you will get a warning about your credit card being charged, but if you continue, you will get the opportunity to download them free of charge. This shows how it works: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2519