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  • iNexxFear Level 2 Level 2
    Hi There,

    A few things to check...

    Since iTunes is up to date, go in and ensure that you have genius enabled... Without genius enabled and your iTunes sending information to apple to get the results neither genius or genius mixes will work.

    Also for the new 160GB edition iPod classics, you need to get the latest firmware... When the iPod is connected, click on the icon in the left hand side of iTunes. Click the "Check for updates" on the screen where you see a image of your classic.

    If an update is found it will install... The firmware 2.0.3 for the new 160GB iPod classic has the Genius mixes feature enabled.

    Once you have the latest iPod firmware, and genius enabled and results returned re-sync your device. Those results will be returned and stored on the iPod for you to use on the go.

    To play these on your ipod, go into music and see if you see "Genius mixes" under cover flow. If so there you go for the new mixes feature included with iTunes 9.

    As for regular genius, you accesss this once the results are returned by pressing the middle button during song play, and then you will get the genius wizard menu where you can choose what to do.

    Hope this helps you!
  • Ferry67 Level 1 Level 1
    thanks, i found genius. but i have about 500gb of music in my library and get an error. why?
  • iNexxFear Level 2 Level 2
    It's hard to tell without knowing the explicit error or error code... It could be that data is missing, or that one of the albums has information it doesn't know.

    It's way to vague at this point to even begin to wonder, and I'm sure that Apple hasn't made it so that its size restrictive...

    Basically it collects some of the generic data, sends it off compares it against others and then comes back with your genius results and genius mixes.

    To proceed any further, can you give us the specifics?
  • Ferry67 Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks iNexxFear.
    I will have another go at it asap.
    It took my computer all day to load the library into Genius.
    And at the end I got an error.
    I believe it said that the library was to big.
    But I am not sure.
    I will get back to it.
    Thanks again.
  • Ferry67 Level 1 Level 1
    Hi iNexxFear, it seems to be my laptop which has not got enough space left for the Genius content. Is it possible to install Genius on my external harddisc? Is it also possible to install the library content on my external harddisc? If I copy-paste the library onto the external harddisc and delete it from my laptop I loose all library content. You seem to know a lot about iTunes, so that's why I ask you this.

  • iNexxFear Level 2 Level 2
    Hey Ferry67,

    Yes, iTunes is very explicit and does require space for Genius to work... Without it, the results can not be filed and returned appropriately.

    If you are using a windows based PC, the main library files usually remain in your "My Documents" folder, but the contents of the library can be moved to a external HDD... However do note that I would always recommend that the External HDD always be connected before you launch iTunes in the future as it won't be able to find files if you try to sync the iPod.

    These KB articles should help you withe moving your iTunes Music Folder to an alternate location...

    Best described by Windows in this KB article:

    Othewise if on a MAC see this KB article:

    Hope that helps!
  • Ferry67 Level 1 Level 1
    It working perfect now. Redirected all files to my external harddisc. Including the library. Genius is working perfect. Thanks for your help!

    Greetings from The Netherlands.

    P.S. it's time to get my iMac!
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