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Hi, i've a trouble with iTunes, some time
when i start iTunes, i've 2 errors in the Console :

10/09/09 10:24:05 [0x0-0x39039].com.apple.iTunes[422] <CFData 0x1c71
10/09/09 10:24:05 [0x0-0x39039].com.apple.iTunes[422] b2b0 [0xa03e6ee0]>{length = 6, capacity = 6, bytes = 0x001b63a00d77}

when he crashs again i'll update the post but if some one know what this error will mean...

Thx and sorry for my bad english

and i'm on itunes 9 but with 8.X.X i've the same errors

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imac 7.1, Mac OS X (10.6)