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I have 5+ machines in the house, but am on a "limited" broadband service (e.g. I have a download limit). I therefore always look for options to download an update for software once, and then apply it manually to each machine in turn.

Looking into "Apple Software Update", I noticed that there is an option under "Tools" to "Download Only" - and also to "Open Download Folder". So I "downloaded only" the iTunes 9/QT update (100MBytes+); the folder containng the updates (which I assumed I might be able to copy to the same location on other machines, thus saving more downloads) opened automatically. It contained a number of ".msi" files, and a "SetupAdmin.exe" executable. I assumed that the executable would "manage" the installation of the individual ".msi" files - but trying to launch "SetupAdmin.exe" did not do anything. I guess I could have tried launching each ".msi" separately, but would be worried that there should be a particular order (which I didn't know), or that I might get distracted and miss running one that was critical.

I then ran Apple Software Update again, and clicked install, assuming it would simply install without further download (as the files were already on the machine) - but it then proceeded to download the (approx.) 100MBytes AGAIN, and then installed. Looking in the Update folder, it's now empty, so I no longer have the update files for use on any another machine.....

Two questions therefore - Am I doing something wrong, with respect to using the "Download Only" option, and the use of the files in the Update folder? How can I achieve what I want to do (1 download, apply to multiple home machines), elegantly?

Thanks, P.

Windows XP Pro
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    Just seems totally ironic to me that having scanned through the questions posed in the "Apple Software Update for Windows" forum, I've posted one of the few queries that actually relate to that product - but it was (until I replied) the only question that remained with absolutely no responses!!!

    Oh well. Guess it must have been a stupid question. Or that no-one else has ever explored the "Download Only" and "Open Download Folder" functions of the software....???
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    I, too would like to see an answer to this question. I ran the iTunes64 installer, thinking it was the most likely installer. It ran seemingly fine with the heading "iTunes and Quicktime Installer," or something to that effect, but when I restarted iTunes, it was still running version 8.
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    I too have limited bandwidth and would like to download once and update on multiple computers. Had to update the OS on my ipod Touch at work because it had to be plugged in during download? That's what finally worked...
    Download would not complete on the slow DSL (network resets)

    Now I have had to unistall my itunes and can't get the files needed to reinstall.

    Any ideas
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    There are standalone downloads you can manually install on multiple systems.


    I never use Apple's Software Update, and of course wait a week or two for reports of problems to come out. In fact, I'd turn it off.

    If you need x64 and x86 iTunes you'll need to make sure you get both.

    Seems like shouldn't need the full programs though each time if they are just updates and patches basically, and keep getting bigger.

    Also, while it may not be necessary, you may want to uninstall first (and reboot).