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    I am happy to inform you that my latest sync with Zone Alarm turned off has been a successful one. I sincerely hope that the days of "NO content" are over. I cannot tell you how mad it makes me to see the statement "You can purchase music at iTunes"!!!

    Don't you think that it is in Apple's best interest to read the forums, considering we are giving free constructive feedback as to how their product is working/not working?
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    hey all...just joined the forum tonight to answer this thread. i have been an itunes user for wife has an iphone, i have an iphone, i have an old ipod. several new factors in laptop, migrated itunes, setting up an iphone for my son. and hit this problem tonight for the first time. like the previous post, i have virus this case mcaffe...turned off the 'on-access' scan function, added a song, sync'd and my problem went away. i had tried adding the same song before and it didn't fix the issue. if i encounter again, i'll sync with just the virus software disbled and see if that alone fixes it.

    indeed, there is a problem here....i have never jailbroken any of my devices and played by the's apple's problem. hopefully they monitor these boards, but from a developer viewpoint...they should have thought about virus software and planned workarounds....
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    I am having the same problem, never been an issue before. Working fine, upgraded, now no content on iPhone 3GS but usage shows content as does iTunes when hook up!
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    I am having this problem YET AGAIN even with the iOS4.0.2 update. The "genius" fix didn't work. The file add/remove didn't work. I don't have ZoneAlarm. I have never jailbroken my device.

    So until it randomly decides to fricken fix itself again, I have an iPhone that I cannot reliably add music/audiobooks/podcasts to without fear they will be completely inaccessible.

    If anyone has ACCESS, the TOPIC name should be CHANGED to reflect the continuing issue with iOS4.

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    This is the first time this has ever happened with my phone. I can't believe no one knows how to fix it! Or that Apple haven't fixed the software! It's doing my head in! Everything is there except the contents of the iPod.
    It will not sync the ipod and won't let me drag or drop! it's like the iPod is locked but I don't know why....
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    could it be a virus in iTunes?
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    on 8/19/10, i posted to this forum. After a couple of weeks of banging around and watching when i get this problem, when i don't, how to avoid, etc., i am convinced that for me, it is an issue with compatibilty between itunes and my antivirus software. every time i have sync'd with the av disabled my problem goes away or never appears. And although i don't get it every time i sync with av enabled, every time i have encountered it has been when i did a sync while av was enabled. doing a second sync with av disabled, also clears the problem.

    disabling av is different for each vendor's product. i use mcaffee, but i used the zone alarm product years ago. . .

    maybe we should start sharing how to disable the av programs and let folks try syncing thier devices and see if this is the same issue for all? Also, if you disable your av for the sync process, you must remember to re-enable. i have no problem taking my av down for a few seconds or minutes, so it's a hassle to do it, but i would not recommend permanently disabling to anyone....
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    for swampthing, you may not be using zone alarm, but odds are pretty good you have some type of security/anti-virus software running. who doesn't these days? the point is that if the av software sees it as a threat, then it could be stopping the build of an xml index file, or stopping the download of a built file to the device. if we can prove that it's an av issue, then it isn't apple's problem in code, but poor documentation and testing. the 'fix' then becomes to establish a document that sets the av software to not look at itunes stuff and let it do what it needs. and apple should have already documented that for us poor users who are guessing. i just started out by diabling during syncing to see if it is worth putting the effort into going after permanent av settings. the one problem i have with this 'solution' is that my av logs do not show any issues when they should....
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    Unfortunately I am still getting this problem with ITUNES 10 but don't have ANY AV software installed or turned on. Tried the genius fix, etc. Nothing.
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    Same problem here. After turning off Kaspersky and resyncing music appears.
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    I have just recently upgraded everything on iTunes and tonight plugged in the phone to do the same. To my surprise I lost 96% of my songs from the iPod! I looked around on support and posts from other users and followed some advice to restore settings - but still the same songs and artists, all my playlists were empty! Kept trying to sync with different settings for music and everything. I looked at my iTunes library and saw what songs were checked when I noticed those particular songs were the only ones in the iPhone! So when you're going to sync, just a suggestion (cause I didn't notice it was checked), make sure that you uncheck the setting that says to only sync checked music and video. Boy do I feel like a dork.
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    In short the solution:
    1. Switch off your firewall/anti-virus etc. before sync
    2. Plug in iPod/iPhone to let it sync (with manually manage music setting this is also okay)
    3. Music and videos are back!
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    I've been having this issue for a LONG time with my iPod touch. Since OS 3.1 and iTunes 9. now I have 4.1 and iTunes 10 and it's happening more than ever. My old "fixes" are not working anymore (such as deleting one app and resynching, turning off my ipod and then plugging it in to sync). I have found a new "fix" that seems to be working, which is that I have to shut down iTunes and start it up again, then resync my iPod. I used to leave iTunes running so that it would update my podcasts throughout the day, but I can't do that anymore, or if I do, I have to remember to shut it down before I plug my ipod in. Good luck, and I seriously can't believe how long this problem has been happening without Apple coming up with a fix.
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    I have the excact same issue now, for the first time. No music and videos in the iPod part of my iPhone 3GS, but usage shows that it's still there. And I have no AV. Just my iMac with iTunes 10 and my iPhone, which I dock everyday, several times a day.
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    So, if I understand this correctly, you shut down iTunes, start it up again, and then connect your iPhone/iPod to your computer and resync?