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    I had the same problem on all of my laptops. Apparently, with the new updates, the homesharing is not automatic. Even if it is turned on, you have to adjust your settings. In Itunes you need to click on the Edit tab and go to Preferences. Under Preferences, click on Sharing tab and check on Share my library on my local network. If you do this on all Itunes accounts it will fix the problem.
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    Yes, and when I did this, I discovered my real problem. If you are using a PC, make sure you have the Bonjour service turned on by going to Services from the Control Panel or by clicking the Services button under the Services tab in the Task Manager.
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    I had half way the same problem (and fixed it). After turning on Home Sharing with the same Apple ID on MacPro and MacBook, the MacBook's library would show up on the MacPro, but not vice versa.

    I tried most suggestions on this thread - to no avail. Then, the last post by Aut0 made me think. Of course it is Bonjour-based. I had a fixed IP address configured on the MacPro. I switched it to getting it via DHCP. And voila, the MacPro's library showed up on the MacBook. <phew/>

    So to me it seems that the mechanism depends on being able to find the peer machine by host name. I guess, when you turn on home sharing, it sends hostname, Apple ID an possibly other info to Apple's servers, and gets a Home Sharing certificate in return. It then uses this certificate to establish and authenticate the connection to the other machine. So if the host name doesn't match, no luck.

    No need to turn on "share my library on my local network" in iTunes's sharing prefs or anything else. Also, after turning on Home Sharing, do click "Done."
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    I’ve tried everything suggested many times and the the only way I can get home-sharing to work is by using an alternative log-in. Then it works with no questions asked.

    Anyone got any clues as to why that might be the case?
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    Over a year later and your words helped me as well! THANK YOU!!
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    Don't know if anyone else mentioned this already but turning on & off my airports has worked for me before.

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    What if you do that and it still doesn't show up? Actually, after hours of searching, I think I know the answer to my own question: you're ******

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    I know the feeling! Fed up of wasting hours trying to get homeshare to work. My library shows up on my girl friends laptop, but not mine or my iphone! so frustrating.

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    does anyone know how to make an iPod Touch 4th generation and a computer connect with home sharing? i've been trying everything i can find for about an hour and a half and nothing works at all.

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    I have two Mac computers one is a Mac book pro and the other is an IMac. They are both signed in with the same ITunes information and have the same settings. I have home sharing turned on and the libraries show up but the bar at the bottom with the 'Settings' and 'Import' doesn't show up. Any suggestions?

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    bricra20: Thanks so much for that! I was going mad trying to get my iphone 4s and ipad to see my library on my macbook air. Going into iTunes preferences and enabling the sharing options there fixed my issue.


    So, Apple, why no mention of this anywhere in your documentation??


    I'm quite new to Apple gear and was expecting a learning curve as I adapted to the 'i' way of doing things - but this really *****!!


    Make some effort to get these things right.

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    I struggled with this problem for a long time, but I think I have finally resolved it.  My home sharing would only work sparodically on my Win7 PC, only after fiddling with a bunch of settings, rebooting various devices, restarting bonjour, crossing my fingers and standing on my head.  Finally I looked at the event viewer, found several errors that were happening in Bonjour, and looked at some windows sites.  I discovered that itunes does not play well with TCP/IPv6 ( the latest internet protocol).  I went to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center.  Clicked on Change adapter settings, right-clicked on the network icon, seleted properties, unchecked Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) ( Ileft version 4 checked).  Then I hit okay, and rebooted my PC.  When it came back up, Home Sharing was working perfectly, and all my devices showed up under wifi syncing.  I haven't rebooted since then (too scared to risk having it break again), but I'm hopeful it will continue working the next time I do reboot.

    Hope this helps!

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    Changing one of the library names worked for me!!!



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    Someone, somewhere mentioned the one thing that always seems to work for wireless network issues: RESTARTING YOUR ROUTER. Unplugged the router for 15 sec and all sharing functionality is now working without any further setup issues.  Hope it works for you, too.

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    You've helped me to find my solution.

    My home network I set my router to reserve IP addresses based on MAC address.

    I'm sure I had like 5 of the 6 devices reserved, but DHCP was running like normal otherwise.

    Well, I did a soft reset in the sense that I deleted all of the reservations (this also caused each device to renew it's IP address).

    After my iPad was able to sync properly, share music and share videos.


    I just LOVE how iTunes 10 this was working fine and then iTunes 11 it broke. Honestly, for 3 years now I've always grinned and bore with Apple updates to my iPad, iTunes and my Apple TV 2. I'm a pretty neutral guy. For as much as they go above and beyond and impress me, they also fall short in something that was completely normal before and is now botched. Opinion.

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