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Connection to the mail server (kerio on 10.5 Server on a local network) and AFP server needs much time. Mail ca. 25 seconds, AFP ca. 40 sec. Waiting time varies a bit. At the same time 10.5 clients on the same network don´t have the problem. Ping is fast too. Using IP-Adress instead of DNS-name doesn´t change a thing. We have this problem with both macs we have updated to 10.6.

Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6), abc
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    Update: Issue is still alive, but maybe it is a problem with the nameserver configuration on the 10.5 server in combination with 10.6 clients. We used some wildcards (*.companyname.ln) in the configuration file, which is not allowed in the dns section of server admin. Maybe 10.6 is a bit more religious about "well formed" dns.
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    When exactly do you see the delay during the connection process?

    I ran across a similar issue today with an AFP server. I set up an Xserve running 10.6 Server and an Open Directory master (but with clients that are not integrated into OD), and found that clients running 10.6 lagged when authenticating to the server lagged for approximately 30 seconds during authentication (after entering username/password). I found that changing AFP authentication to "Standard" from "Any Method" in Server Admin corrected the behavior.

    I haven't had an opportunity to investigate thoroughly, but I'm guessing that because "Any Method" causes the server to try Kerberos authentication first, and fall back to DHX if Kerberos isn't available, somehow the authentication process was generating a delay related to Kerberos.