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When I click on a .wav file I get the following message "The file "iTunes.itl" cannot be read because it was created by a newer version iTunes".

I updated my system from Windows XP Professional, to Windows Vista.

I keep all of my .wav files on my remote disk (F). When I installed Vista, I installed the latest version of iTunes; and, I don't remember which version I had installed under Windows XP.

How do I fix this?

Intel, Windows Vista, Core 2 CPU @2.66GHz; 2.67GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM
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    You can rebuild your library from iTunes Library.xml.
    See this method:
    Recreate iTunes library instructions
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    It looks like I can accomplish this per your instructions; however, I keep all of my Audio Files in the ".wav" format because I do audio restoration, using the "Diamond Cut Live/Forensics" program.

    Since I keep my Audio Library folders on my external Drive "F", is this where I would go to "Locate My iTunes Folder"? Also, will the Re-created iTunes library file remain in the .wav format?
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    The default location for your library files in in Music\iTunes on the c: drive.

    Unless you changed it that is where they will be. It does not matter that you keep the music files on another drive.

    However if you moved your iTunes folder to the external drive as well as your music, that is where the library files will be.
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    Hi Polydorus,

    I have my computer set up so that the vinyl record restorations (tracks) are on my "D" drive under "My Music"; when I finish restoring the album, I cut and paste the tracks to my "F" drive. My "F" drive contains "My Audio Library" (this is the name I have given my iTunes folder). The actual "iTunes" program is on my "C" drive; as is the program for my Audio Restoration.

    I am an older person, and I am a little reluctant to "re-create my iTunes library"; because I have approx. 3,000 tracks in my Library, and I'm afraid I might do something to lose all of my .wav files.

    I am trying to use the iTunes player for all of my computer programs. Is it possible for me to uninstall the Version 8, and install a prior version; then upgrade? I've had iTunes for a little more than 5 years; if this is possible, which version would you suggest that I download? If this is not feasible, I guess I'll have to try re-creating my iTunes per your instructions.

    I upgraded my computer from Windows XP Professional to Windows Vista Ultimate, then I downloaded the latest version of iTunes. My Library Drive"F" was not even connected to my computer, and I can't figure out how my Drive opened with new (different)folders. Do you think Vista made the change?

    I really do appreciate the time you have spent to help me. This one has me a little puzzled.

    John Anderson