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    I used to come to the office with my phone at 100%, not use my phone all day and leave with it at 95% percent. Today, after the update, it's at 72% and I haven't used it at all.
  • Dlit12180 Level 1 (0 points)
    I want to try to do a restore to see if it helps but I don't want to lose the saved data on my apps. Is there any way around this?
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    I have the regular 3G phone and ever since I updated to OS 3.1 my battery is abysmal!!!! I turned off blue tooth and wifi and the phone ran out of juice 4 hours into the day just sitting on standby (no phone calls etc). In fact, my level of use has not changed ever since I've updated to the new OS. I flew from San Fran to NYC last week and my phone lasted the whole flight (and then some) with music playing.

    The other thing I noticed is that my phone gets really warm now when it is plugged in for charging. It's never done this before. I'm scratching my head here. APPLE, FIX THIS PLEASE!!

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    I have a 3GS and it has been fine until today, not sure why but in the last 24 hrs I have noticed my battery falling from 95% to red line and ready to shut down in about 6 hours, when on standby. this is terrible and my first iPhone to be like that.
    Hope Apple have a cure!!
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    I can't believe this. I thought I was the only one and I thought I was crazy but now I can see we are all having this problem. I am what you call a "power user" and this battery problem is KILLING me. Apple don't you realize some of us try to use this for business purposes and we can't afford to have our batteries dying FASTER than they already did?

    Please fix this issue ASAP or tell me how to go back to 3.0.1!

  • MRCUR Level 2 (425 points)
    Just wanted to add that I'm having the same issues as everyone else here. I have a 16GB 3GS that was delivered on launch day. I use both MobileMe and Exchange 2007, both with push enabled - mail/contacts on MobileMe and mail/calendar with Exchange.

    Before 3.1 battery life was just fine, I'd usually have ~20% left at the end of the day after light-moderate usage. I upgraded to 3.1 on Wednesday night, charged the phone overnight (as I always do) and used it Thursday as I normally would. Completely died (wouldn't turn on) around 8PM. Now tonight it's almost 8 again and the phone is at 10% already.

    Something is clearly wrong. It seems like it might be related to Exchange which is completely absurd. I need Exchange for school/work, and push is important to me. Disabling that is simply not an option.
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    I updated yesterday, and Im not having these problems. Bluetooth kills the battery big time. If you need to use it. Use it and turn it off. Im at 45% battery 3 hours 4 minutes of use and 10 hours 40 minutes of standby. Its about the same as its always been for me. I dont have any push apps. Its on and off WiFi. I have Push MobileMe. Ive been living in a hotel out of state for work for the past 3 months and the cable internet connection is wigging the WiFi on my Time Capsule out.
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    !!!!!!! I let my battery run to zero (shut off on its own) and plugged it in to charge the battery from zero to full (give it a FULL charge). It's been plugged in for 3 hours now. Check this out. About an hour into the charge, it was 30% charged. Now at 3 hours into the charge, it is back to "RED" showing just a sliver of a charge (maybe 10%) and the phone body is really warm.

    WHAT IS GOING ON APPLE??!?!?!?!?! FIX YOUR OS 3.1 SCREW-UP!!!!!!!!!!

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    Along with the rapid battery loss. I've noticed that mine is taking longer than normal to charge as well. Mine went dead about 4 hrs ago, has been on the charger since, and is still not full. I agree this needs to be fixed immediately....
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    I was going to post a question and ask if anybody else was experiencing dramatically worse battery life after the 3.1 update, but found this thread. Battery life with 3.0 was already much worse than my old 2G and now it's gotten even worse. Going to restore back to 3.0 tomorrow and not update again until Apple fixes this - if they ever do.
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    akarelin, how do I restore back to 3.0?

    I am now 5 hours into my charge and it is still 10% red sliver. APPLE, I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS!!!!!
  • Juicy J Level 1 (25 points)
    75% with 58 mins of use and 7 hours of stand by, what the heck apple?
  • akarelin Level 1 (35 points)
    Oh, well, I'm not at all sure restoring would help. First because restoring to 3.0.1/3.0 will not downgrade your baseband (modem firmware) and given it is quite probable the problem is actually in the baseband or related to it, it's not going to help. Another problem with downgrading is that you're not going to be able to use your backup from 3.1 on 3.0/3.0.1.

    All in all I'd recommend not to venture in trying to downgrade. I'd rather suggest that you contacted Apple's support and asked for help as it does look like this problem can not be solved through user-level fiddling. That's what I did and I think that's the only sensible thing to do at the moment.
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    Please try to see if you have one of my symptoms:

    1) Usage counter grows while in standby (example: 1 hour standby, 10 minutes usage. going into standby. waking up an hour later: 2 hours standby, 32 minutes usage)

    2) Data network usage counters constantly grow despite the data network isn't being used.

    Contact Apple support, follow their instructions (including power logging) and try to report all your issues as extensively as possible. It is important that everybody who's experiencing these problems does report it so that Apple can address the issues and find appropriate solutions.
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    Hi - First time poster, don't hold it against me. I wouldn't be posting at all except that I've been hit by this too, and we all have to start somewhere.

    Battery life for me Post-3.1 update is *at least* half of what it was under 3.0.1. At worst, it's about a third of what it was.

    Last night I did a iTunes "Restore" to reinstall 3.1 but did not restore the phone backup. I left the phone clean. Didn't re-install any Apps, didn't setup any email. Synced my music and video, forwarded all my calls to another number and left it to charge to 100%.

    Took it off charge at 100%, left it in standby and went to sleep. Woke up later with the battery at ~50%, usage at ~4hrs 40m, standby reporting ~5hrs 50m.

    Data counters were all still at zero - not surprising given I hadn't actually set anything up on my phone.

    So what the heck has my phone been doing while it's in standby??

    3G, On (Full signal, live about 200m from the mast) - Bluetooth/Wifi, Off.
    Had no calls (cos they were forwarded elsewhere), no texts, and no emails (because I hadn't set them back up.)

    Bizarrely, this isn't any better than when the phone was in normal use. I was getting similar usages/standby times with my email accounts setup and taking calls/texts etc. Whatever is killing the battery by cranking up the usage seems to be having far worse of an effect than normal use!

    Have also noticed that charging seems to take nearly twice as long and be less "efficient" If i take a call or watch video, the battery will occasionally drop down a % or two, before climbing back up, then drop and rise again etc. When it gets to 100%, without doing anything, it'll drop to 99% occasionally, then recharge back to 100%, then get the "plug" symbol for a while, then drop to 99%. Seems to also get warmer than it used to while charging. Not hot, but definitely warmer.

    Am currently restoring my last phone backup, and will then try a full discharge - won't take long! - and full recharge cycle to see if it's a calibration issue as has been suggested. I'm a little skeptical given that the usage meter clocks up so much during standby. Unless of course it's some initial battery calibration monitoring process running in the background that's killing it. But really - how likely is that??

    Sorry for the long post. Thought I'd try to include as much detail as possible.

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