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kizkij Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
To move a file using services I used to use 'move' from onmycommand. But 10.6 introduces a new way to manage services, which is automator, and it looks good. But ....

I have tried to make the move file in automator, but the 'move finder items' in the Files and Folders library seemingly insists on a designated destination (e.g. to desktop) rather than enabling you to pick the destination.

Does anyone have any hints?

macbook 2.4 late 2008, Mac OS X (10.6)
  • V.K. Level 9 Level 9 (56,130 points)
    you need to use an automator variable and then it works.
    make a new service in automator which accepts files and folders and works in finder.

    the workflow in the service should be as follows

    1. ask for finder items.
    in this action ask for the destination folder to move items TO. control-click on that action and choose "ignore input".
    add a new storage variable to the workflow and set the next action to be
    2. set variable value.
    this will store the destination folder in that variable.
    3. add a dummy action to break the workflow chain. many things will work for this. for example, you can add a "run shell script" action which should be completely empty.
    4. get selected finder items
    5. move finder items
    drag the storage variable you made to the "TO" field in that action.
    save the service.
  • kizkij Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Thank you V.K.for the solution.

    As an aside, the solution would not be an obvious one to ordinary users such as myself, for whom a shell script evokes memories of a poem about Lobsters on the Seashore being cajoled for Dinner.

    In any case, thank you.
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    Wow, that's way too complicated for me.

    I think I do what you want to do with only one of the automator actions: Create a new service in automator that accepts files and folders in the Finder. Choose the *Move Finder Items* action, pick a default folder, say the most common folder you would use, and then be sure to _check the checkbox_ to show the action when the workflow runs under the options tab below the drop-down menu. This way, you can choose the folder to move items to every time, with the default folder being the one you chose here.
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    Okay Folks,
    It is quite simple:

    1.Start new workflow

    2.First workflow item:
    "Get Selected Finder Items"

    3.Second workflow item:
    "Move Finder Items"
    a. select 'options'
    b. check 'Show this action when the workflow runs'
    c. check 'Show only the selected items'

    4. Save as Service

    Kj ♘
  • KJK555 Level 4 Level 4 (2,895 points)
    One teensy thing I forgot to mention ...

    If saving it as a Service:
    remove the "Get Selected Finder Items" Workflow,
    it is not needed, it needs be used to test the service
    in automator during the service test phase, but has to be
    removed before saving the workflow as a service.

    After removing the "Get Selected Finder Items":
    Set the "service receives selected" to " files or folders" in "Finder.app".
    Save the Service.

    Kj ♘