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  • AxelLeRate Level 1 (0 points)
    Today the coma mode came back. All worked fine after installing 3.1.2 but today it came back.

    I am speechless. I have been a very happy Apple user for years but the failing iPhone has reduced my loyalty to practically zero. I am faced with an expensive yet unreliable device. Its seriously undermining my business and I just cant accept it.

    Apple, you got to get this hick up out on the shortest thinkable term and for good. I decided to give it 1 more month. In case the coma mode is still not resolved ultimately 17 NOV 09 I will NEVER buy an iPhone again and will recommend anybody not to buy one.
  • Morgan Adams1 Level 1 (30 points)
    I've used 3.1.2 for maybe half a week and have not had a coma--but then again, I hadn't had one in the whole week BEFORE 3.1.2 as well, by some luck--and yet before that I had some really bad coma days. I won't really trust 3.1.2 until it stays coma free for a good week or two.

    (I notice some people in this thread reporting "coma" symptoms that are something else entirely: the phone freezing up for a second or two during use. That still does happen, and I assume it happens on every pre-3GS device. iPhone OS 3.0 seems to run out of RAM constantly--or at least, if it were a Mac, that would be my diagnosis. The smooth, slick experience of OS 2.x is gone, and I doubt it will ever return. But if I hear of anyone using a 3G with 3.x and NOT experiencing frequent hitches, I'd be delighted! The most obvious symptom is when it happens on playing a sound: the charge sound, lock sound or mail chime will stutter. But it's also pretty obvious when scrolling through home pages or through a list, or when skipping songs (not all the time, but often enough to annoy). This, however, is not the total random shutdown/coma bug. So when people say they still get freezes with 3.1.2... which do they mean? Some clearly do mean real comas/lockups. Some may mean the other thing, and I wish it were more clear which.)
  • gmaxvandijk Level 1 (0 points)
    Yesterday I had my first coma in 3.1; it could be revived thru a reset, but it kept coming back.

    So I upgraded this morning to 3.1.2 to get rid of the coma's.

    No deal, coma's keep coming. Only by a reset (and also by connecting it to my PC) it gets to work again, but w/i 5 minutes it returns to sleep and can't be kissed out. Phone is useless now. HELP!!!
  • Level 1 (0 points)
    I live in the UK my Iphone has carried on doing the shut downs and im past my warrenty. i know full well apple wont bother looking at it without me paying a fee. But Just wondering when they will be releasing a fix for this. As it is getting very annoying now that i have to keep doing a soft rebot every time.

    IT HAPPENS nearly 3-4 times a day.
  • Tshanks Level 1 (0 points)
    3.1 totally ruined my 3G which was functioning perfectly until Thursday. Tried every troubleshooting trip under the sun but nothing worked. Took it to the Apple Store this morning and the "geniuses" had never heard of this random shutdown phenomenon and told me my only option was to buy a new phone. I mentioned this discussion forum and how this issue was affecting many users but the staff didn't seem to care. If this problem doesn't get fixed I'm getting a Pre.
  • terryd Level 1 (30 points)
    try 1. draining the battery until it complains. put on full bright and never autolock.
    2. power off with the top button, and wait a bit. then plug it back in and you might be happy.
  • jdsm Level 1 (0 points)
    In the nicest possible way... Are people actually applying the 3.1.2 update before coming on here and imploring Apple to take a look at the problem?

    Since 3.1.2 was released (and it seems to have fixed things in the overwhelming majority of cases) there's still been a constant stream of people on here saying that Apple should fix 3.1...

    If you've still got a problem a few days after applying 3.1.2, by all means let us all know, we'd be keen to hear about it. Otherwise, for the love of all that is good, try 3.1.2 first, otherwise your point is moot!
  • jdsm Level 1 (0 points)
    (and before anyone jumps in, I'm obviously not aiming those comments at the people who've stated clearly that they're having post-3.1.2 problems!)
  • TheTemplar Level 1 (0 points)
    Still having frequent freezes after upgrading to 3.1.2.

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    I have been on 3.1.2 for over a week now and my iPhone 3G has
    improved from having a daily crash to having zero problems.

    But dear Apple, I want to say that you have lost my trust and support.

    I also went in to my local store to have two people look me in the eye
    and say they knew nothing about it : "have you looked in the support forum ?".

    I used to regularly tell people how good the iPhone was. That was your greatest
    asset Apple : all the fans spreading the good word. But when something went
    badly wrong, you slammed the door in our face. You put the share price ahead
    of the users.

    So no more. No more saying how good the iPhone is. If you want to win back my
    trust, make a public announcement that the denial policy was a mistake.

    Until then, I will support Apple as much as you supported me during the Coma bug.
  • Meady Level 1 (25 points)
    i too have had no problems since updating to 3.1.2, touch wood!
    and i have to agree with's comments, use Apple in everyday life at home and at work.

    hope the update fixes others too!
  • gijski Level 1 (0 points)
    My 3Gs (32gb) on 3.1.2 STARTED having this problem about a week AFTER the 3.1.2 update!!

    Started today and 'shutdown' twice already while being locked
  • T Giles Level 1 (0 points)
    While using 3.1 on my 3G, I was experiencing numerous coma problems every day, PLUS random 3G connectivity problems, even when the phone wasn't otherwise unresponsive. Since updating to 3.1.2 (which I did immediately on release day), I no longer have coma mode, but I still see constant connectivity issues on 3G. For example, the phone will show full bars on 3G, but when I try to make a call, it just sits and doesn't connect. If I then go into Settings; General; Network and disable 3G, it generally continues to show full bars of 3G for up to 10 minutes before finally switching over to Edge. Rebooting the phone has always corrected the problem (even before updating to 3.1.2), but this morning, even a reboot didn't help. It showed full bars of 3G on startup, but again wouldn't connect, and took forever to switch over to Edge.
  • Mad Pad Level 1 (0 points)
    My 3G continues to have this issue after the 3.1.2 update.

    When it happened (over night) the phone rebooted (when connected to power), but came up ghost connected to my telco - I had to do a forced re-boot to get it back working again.

    One other odd issue (which I hadn't seen with 3.1.1) is that the battery meter jumped around - first restart showed < 10% (red), after the second re-boot it showed the same < 10% reading for a fraction of a second and then jumped to 40% (green).


    PS Anyone any closer to figuring out what triggers this - the only things I used the phone imediately before going to bed was a brief check of email and a refresh of a web page!
  • Arminio Level 1 (0 points)
    Sorry to say that, but after upgrading to OS 3.1.2 it seemed to be all okay, but the famous bug came back 3 days ago.

    After view minutes (or sometimes 1 or 2 hours) the phone loses all connections (phone, internet), but pretends to be online and ready to receive calls. This is this famous coma-bug?

    I only can reanimate my iPhone by completely shutting it down and starting it again. Then it works for another 10 to 100 minutes.

    That's REALLY disturbing - and with this bug - even with OS 3.1.2 - my iPhone is absolutely useless for me. (Or do Apple guys think that iPhone users do not get important calls???)