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    Hey everyone, I was having huge issues with 3.1 so I took the 3.1.2 update. The phone got a lot better, but I have noticed the delay when trying to do an unlock finger swipe. I could deal with that, but I have noticed that my 3G never works. I seem to be able to get calls but none of my apps that require internet work. If I am at home on wireless they work fine, but when on 3G it just sits there and searches/thinks. Facebook, email, and a few other apps do nothing then I get the "Web page can't be found" or something similar. I have full bars and the 3G symbol is there. GPS isn't working either unless I am in a wifi zone.
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    love my iphone .... but Motorola Droid looks like an attractive option with each passing day
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    I was having the same random freeze issue intermittently. Wednesday my phone froze at random and would not turn back on. I can only get an apple screen to display if the phone is plugged into a power source directly (no usb), It then shuts off completeing the boot process.

    I cant get my phone to boot to do a restore. It is officially a paper weight.
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    *EVERYBODY READ THIS* hello this is my first ever reply just had to post I also have this problem and it seems that if I DON'T reboot after the shut down it will come back but WITH A VENGEANCE. It will turn on with a fade in then it runs a little slow for about 10-15sec and some times it will take pictures of my lock screen and any screen its on when I press the home button yes pictures to make this clear, I can take pics of any thing on my screen apps in the springboard inside apps ANYTHING even my already stored pics and this happens for about 20secs (longest incident to date) cool but scary but after everything is norm what the **** is going on.
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    I have a first generation iTouch. Love it. Upgraded to 3.1 and battery life went out the window. Bought a Mophie for extra battery life. I experience inconsistent complete shut downs. Could be checking email, watching streaming video on a website, or checking the weather I experience severe battery drain. On half of the shut downs the clock on the iTouch goes back to 12/31 and the time to 5:00 PM. Some times it has to be synced to iTunes even when the Mophie has battery life but the iTouch is out. I have restored a dozen times and the problem continues. I wish I could go back to 2.0 or 3.0 before the battery nightmare. The worst part is the random nature of it. 3.1 is first time I've experienced any real drama with my iTouch. Is there a fix coming soon for this issue?
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    os 3.1.2 is the stupid update , and Apple do nothing about that
    after update to 3.1.2 there is no wireless and i cant make any call.
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    All I can say is before all this I loved my iPhone. Now I hate it. It's a useless expenditure to me now since nothing has fixed it. I will be trying Droid or something equivalent with Verizon next. I just can't take apples silence when they screw up anymore.
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    i set up a client with myTouch G3 google phone, it's quite the bomb a few things are nicely more evolved than iPhone.

    I already filed a report with BBB about the monopolistic concept of can't do the simple thing of install the last model operating system.. it's just a ludicrous notion!

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    There are too many problems on 3.1 update and I browsed the entire Apple site and can't find the email address to report this issue other than the discussions here so I'm just wondering whether Apple is doing something about it? If there is a problem with the update then Apple SHOULD NOT let people to buy it now!
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    I am having the same problem too! My phone is also extreamly slow to wake up (about 2-3) seconds. Apple please fix this, it IS a problem!
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    This happened to me yesterday morning BEFORE i installed the software upgrade. I was on YELP reading a review and my phone just blacked out with only apple logo showing on a black screen. I used my husband's iphone to google the issue and found that plugging in the phone to recharge solved the problem.
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    In your previous post which I copied below you state that after a 'erase all contents and settings' one's iPhone will downgrade it's firmware (in your example to OS2.x )

    Can you explain to the community how this works?
    I know it works in such a way for an apple tv which inculdes a factory OS restore partition but how would an iPhone restore to a previous version?????

    I personally think you don't really understand the process, it's dangerous to give people advice when one does not really know what you are talking about.

    e: Mysterious random total shut downs following 3.1 update
    Posted: Sep 17, 2009 8:10 AM in response to: Headers22
    Reply Email

    Ok, I posted this in other topics, but never saw any replies, so I'll post it again. The following instructions are very time consuming (up to 2 hours or more in some cases), requires erasing your phone (so save anything important, and DO NOT rely on the iTunes backup for retrieving the data), and only work on Macs (I don't know or have Windoze procedures for this, so don't ask).

    1. Plug in your iPhone to an AC outlet (not your computer) and go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings. This will take some time. It will also take the phone back to factory settings, just as it was when it came out of the box, so if you have a 3G, that will most likely mean OS 2.x. Once you've started this process, set the phone aside.

    2. On your Mac, navigate to your Home folder Mac HD>Users>Your Home Folder, from there navigate to Library>iTunes>iPhone Software Updates. In there you will see a file who's name will be SIMILAR to iPhone1,23.1_7C144Restore.ipsw. Move this file to the trash and delete it.

    3. Once your phone has completed the erase/reset process, connect it to your Mac. When iTunes opens and your phone shows up, click the "Check for update" button. This will download a NEW copy of the 3.1 update from Apples servers.

    4. Once the download is complete and iTunes has updated your phone with the fresh copy of the 3.1 update you've just downloaded, it will be time to set up your phone. DO NOT RESTORE FROM BACKUP!!!! Restoring from backup will most likely restore the problem you're trying to get rid of! Now, when iTunes gives you the option, you want to SET UP AS A NEW PHONE. Once that is complete, re-sync your data. Again, NOT FROM BACKUP.

    This has resolved many issues for most of the people that used this restore method, but it's not a guarantee. The reason behind these steps is that performing a basic restore does not remove the 3.1 firmware currently installed on your phone, which may have been corrupted during the installation nor does it remove the copy of the 3.1 firmware package on your Mac which may also have been corrupted during the download. Further reasoning behind this is that these steps take your phone back to a 2.x version of iPhone OS (if you have a 3G), and you'll be upgrading from 2.x directly to 3.1, bypassing all of the incremental updates in between (2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1, 3.0, 3.0.1, etc...). If someone has success with this (I did after problems when moving up from 2.2.1 to 3.0), please report back so that others will feel more comfortable performing such a daunting task.


    15" ALPB 1.25GHz / 15" TIPB 867MHz / 20" iMac 2.4GHz Mac OS X (10.5.8) iPhone 3G w/ OS 3.1 - NO PROBLEMS
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    Similar issues discussed herein..

    question...has anyone experienced the home key seemingly failing? I can feel the tactile "click" but no functionality to get me to a home screen..

    any ideaS?
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    well I just read your comment and I tried to press the home button first then press the wake up button and I finally get my iphone to be recognised by the latest version of itunes without having to put the unlock code and it restoring the phone software
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    I had my home button fail; they replaced the button and the glass screen at the genius bar under warranty and it fixed it nicely. didn't fix the 3.1 coma problem but fixed the home button ignores me problem.