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Ok, I updated lastnight without a hitch. But now I get random complete shut downs of the phone. It has happened twice. In both instances the phone has come back after doing a hard reboot. Anyone else having this problem?

On my soap box for a minute: EVERY OS update that apple has released for the 3g since I've owned it (other than the last 2.1XX update) has cause problems. The 3.01 update caused it to hang and slow down to a crawl despite two different restores and reinstallations of everything and now this. How hard can it be to write an OS for a maximum of 3 hardware configurations? Does apple actually test this stuff before it goes out? If the slogan is "It just works" well it just doesn't when it comes to apples ability to provide a functional OS for one of their premiere devices.

Iphone 3g, Windows Vista, itunes 9
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