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In connecting my LazerWriter Pro 12/640 to print from my Mac Book Pro running 10.6, which protocol should I select in the "Add Printer" window? And I am also wondering what software I should select in the "Print Using" line. Should I use "Generic PostScript Printer" or select the LaserWriter Pro 12/640 driver, which sounds more logical. I know the IP address of the printer so this doesn't seem to be the problem.

When I tried using Lpd with the LaserWriter software, I get a message saying "Printer Paused" and I keep getting it after hitting "resume printing".

In using IPP protocol, I get the same message; "printer paused. Same message.

I am connecting to the printer using an Asante device that turns serial port to ethernet. Somebody

Mac Noetebook, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    I am connecting to the printer using an Asante device that turns serial port to ethernet.

    That AsanteTalk box also turns AppleTalk-over-Ethernet into AppleTalk/LocalTalk. It essentially turns the printer into an Appletalk printer, accessible from all computers on your Network. No IP Address is needed.

    As long as you are not running 10.6, where the Appletalk Printer Access protocol was removed, you can print to it using AppleTalk.

    Be sure AppleTalk is turned on in:
    System Preferences > Network > Built-in Ethernet ... in the center "AppleTalk" pane.
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    Use LPD, but first change the LaserWriter IP address to something other than! For some reason, I got the same "printer paused" message on my LaserWriter 16/600 until I changed the address to one similar to my router assigned numbers. For example, the router IP was and my iMac was so I set the LaserWriter to I set this address using Mac Classic (OS9.2.2) and the only program I had to talk to the LaserWriter with - Apple Printer Utility PPC v2.2!

    After doing so, the LaserWriter printer is now accepted by the network and prints like it used to. Good luck
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    Silas Oaks-

    You can do what Frank Reed suggests, but it will require a different cable. You will need to plug an Ethernet cable directly into your printer, rather than using the Asantetalk box which connects to the round AppleTalk/LocalTalk port.

    If the printer has only the 14-pin AAUI jack, you will have to convert to a "regular" RJ45 jack for a standard Ethernet cable. This requires an AAUI RJ45 twisted-pair Transceiver, available on the used market for around US$10. It powers itself from the jack, so no power supply is required.

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