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Ok, so I got iTunes 9 and OS 3.1. I decided at the same time to move my custom ringtone files off my desktop and into a proper folder on my computer. Naturally when I synced the iPhone, it gave me an error that I expected. So, I removed the 4 custom ringtones I have from iTunes, then reimported them from their new home folder on my computer.

All 4 show up in iTunes under ring tones and all 4 show up in iTunes under "iPhone/ringtones"

The problem is that only two of them show up on my phone. I have removed them and tried to re sync them about 10 different ways now and am getting quite frustrated.

What is wrong here?


PC, iPhone OS 3.0.1
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    I am having the same issue. The ringtones show up in itunes but not on my phone. I am only showing 1 custom ringtone on my phone. I have around 15 in itunes.
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    I called Apple support today and after 33 minutes and some voodoo, here is the solution.
    1. In iTunes, click on your device, then in the main window click on ring tones at the top.
    2. Make sure the box "Sync Ringtones" is checked, then check "selected ringtones" then UNCHECK all of them and click apply to sync your phone. This should remove any and all traces of ringtones from your phone.
    3. Unplug your phone.
    4. Restart your computer
    5. Start iTunes and make sure you are signed in. Click on Store and look to see if it says "sign out" or something like that at the bottom. If you are not signed in, then sign into the iTunes store.
    6. Go to the Ringtones tab for the device and make sure all the ringtones are still unchecked.
    7. Sync the phone. This should update everything except your ringtones.
    8. On the ringtones tab for the device, select all the ringtones.
    9. Sync the phone. This time they should all transfer.
    10. check on your phone and hope this worked.

    There are a couple steps in here I question, but this is what they told me to do and it worked.

    Good luck
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    Thanks! That worked perfectly!
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    I ghave another problem altogether (I think).

    Yesterday I purchased a ringtone directly from the iPhone through the iTunes app.

    Once back home, I synched my iPhone and on doing so got an error message from iTunes (on my Macbook) stating that ringtone was not copied to my iPhone because I am not authorized to play it on this computer.

    The ringtone is now out of my iPhone and stuck in my library only.

    I will try the above proposed solution tonight.

    Hopefully that will solve it =)
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    I had this problem on the first day I got my iPhone, took me two hours to figure out.
    1. In iTunes, click on Store
    2. Click on "Authorize this computer"
    3. Enter your iTunes/apple username and password
    4. you will get a message that says "This computer is now authorized. You may authorize 4 more computers"

    You can authorize 5 total computers.

    That is the PC instructions, I am sure it will be similar for the mac.
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    I have got a new iPhone 3gs today..After checking everything I clicked on iTunes,but it is saying that I can not authorize with this computer..My computer was previously synchronized with another iPhone..Is it the reason that I am not allowed to authorize???
    pls help...
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    you tried my steps above to authorize it? I am not sure how to remove the old phone from the computer's memory.
    Best is to set up a call with Apple. Through the support section on this website, you can have them call you now or at an appointed time. That is what I have had to do a few times now.

    Good luck
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    I have tried this fix and it does not work. For some reason, even when I do this, under the "Ringtones" section of my iPhone, I cannot see the ringtone that I am trying to load onto my iPhone. Any suggestions?
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    The basics of the above are sync your phone with no ring tones so that you remove any that were on the phone, then restart your computer and sync it again to make sure there are no "hidden traces" as the lady told me of the ringtones, then sync with the ringtones.
    If that does not work, I would say to call tech support.
    I am new to anything Apple, so I don't really know how iTunes and all work very well yet.
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    Tried this, and it didn't work. I've also tried to deauthorize and then reauthorize my computer. This is why I hate Apple products!
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    Is there a way to do this WITHOUT syncing? I HATE syncing, 'cuz every time I do it, I lose all my music :/ And it's just too much of a hassle to sync them all back on. I just drag the files over.