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I downloaded and installed the update for iTunes 9 via apple software updater last night, and when I started iTunes I got the error "The software required for communicating with iPods and Mobile phones was not installed correctly. Do you want iTunes to try to repair this for you?" I click yes, and it says it couldn't fix the problem.

I followed the instructions here ( to completely uninstall itunes and quicktime and all supporting components, including mobileme and bonjour and then reinstalled iTunes9 using the setup file downloaded from Still no luck! I get the same error when I start iTunes.

any suggestions? Help! Should I go back to the older version of iTunes?

btw, when I uninstalled iTunes, I kept my library files and two plugins around: scrobbler and mmkeys. Does this matter? I don't think so: I tried removing the plugins and I still got the same error.

I'm running Vista 64bit, and I used the 64 bit installer.

Dell XPS1530, Windows Vista, Vista x64
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