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i let my mother & my father & my uncle use my iMac Computer & i have sort of realized when i got home a little while ago, when i turn on my iMac & when i shutdown my iMac Computer its's slowing down a nautch & i don't have anything on my iMac like files i use & such or iTunes, i keep everything on my CD & i run on the same applications i use as of the very beginning iLife 09 & iWorks 09 & Mac OS X Snow Leopard so when i browse the Internet in Safari Besides the Files that go into History section are there any other folders where Internet Web Files go onto the iMac Computer other then the History where i'm not even knowing anything cause i really running on empty? what can be making my computer slow down a Nautch without me even knowing what's going on? cause i want my computer to be Fast all the time to its Default way like it was when i 1st bought it so do i have to go to Technical support @ The Apple Store? what should i do please help out thank you from Byron

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