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Really annoyed, had this iPhone 3GS a couple of weeks and worked perfectly, but yesterday for no reason, all my contacts just disapperaed off my iPhone - I hadn't changed any settings, literally one second they were there, next they were gone.

Annoyed as I was, luckily I still had all the numbers on the old phone so I spent about an hour transferring them one by one. I then synced to Windows, and saved all the contacts in the "Windows Contacts" application thing, and backed them up elsewhere.

Nonetheless, this morning, the same thing happens, except this time it just deleted 2/3 of them.

Firstly, does anyone know why this is happening (I have 2GB of memory left so it can't be a space issue).

Secondly, how do I get the computer contacts onto the iPhone?


Dell, Windows Vista
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    I have the same problem - and have tried several things to restore the contacts, but with no luck

    I can't find anything on any forum that offers a solution
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    When you sync your iphone under the INFO section be sure "sync address books contacts" is checked. Was it checked when you synced?
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    Hey this is really a simple fix, I did the same thing about a week ago and I just restored my phone to the back up of my choice. I can help if your running a pc. Anyways on my PC (I have windows 7 but this works with both) I went to this...C:/users/ (user name)/appdata/roaming/applecomputer/mobilesync/backup. In back up contains all your backups you have done on your I phone but first lets do something else. Go to intunes select the "Edit" tab , "preferences" , then "Devices" under "Device backups" its showing you a list of recent backups to restore your phone from. If you dont want it to restore from these points simple delete then under "Device Backups", then back at the "backup" delete them there also...MAKE SURE TO DELTE THE SAME DATE!! now in the "Device Backup" it should be blank. exit I tunes.

    Go back to the "back up" listed above and right click on any back up date and time you want to restore from. select restore from previous date, you might have to wait on it to find some restore points. Once this is done simply restart your computer then go back to Itunes / edit/ preferences/ device backups/ and your selected restore point should be listed below. if so just back out of "edit" then right click on your iphone and select back up from restore point and the restore point should be the location you had picked. Your phone contacts, mms, email, apps, everything will be restored to the date you picked. This works people, you might have to try a few times but it works. If you are running windows 7 the only difference is going to c:/windowsold./users/appdata/roaming/applecomputer/mobilesync/backup and copy then paste your chosen backup to the C:/windows (non old)/ users/appdata/roaming/applecomputer/mobilesync/backup..

    Let me know people if any problems but like i said it works