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  • somnium Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have all the problems mentioned above.

    Apple allow us to downgrade to os 3.0.1 !!!
  • kompstafle Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    well i restored it and it worked initially and then i deleted all apps and that didn't work (no web access) i also turned Push off and woo hoo it worked for about 10 minutes. so i get home and turn wifi on and wow i now have an itouch. couldn't even call. so i restored to new phone and got my sms sent to phone from hours earlier and made a phone call. i am now going to delete the backup and go from here to see if it stablizes. will repost update when i know more. also i couldnt tell you how many times i restarted.
  • Andrew Francois Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Me too. Very sluggish wake, delayed key presses and slow app launches after the update. The delays have appeared to be getting longer and longer. Now I cant wake my phone at all! How can I even do a restore if the phone is blacked out (or dead) and wont connect in iTunes?
  • Dettich Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I upgraded this week on a week-old 3GS. The performance of my data (either on safari or streaming via apps) has been severely downgraded...I've had to reboot several times which initially regains performance, but eventually downgrades again. Also, some apps have have issues with random freezing and closing...did not happen with 3.0.1
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    If you are pondering the 3.1 or iTunes upgrade - WAIT until they patch whatever the heck they broke (I'm guessing it was the blue tooth changes).

    I'm having a whole host of operations since the apple upgrade:

    1.iphone slow was extremely sluggish post upgrade

    2. Phone would randomly "deadlock" (refuse to respond stuck on a bad screen), requiring hard restart to repeat it. (7x in 2 days)

    3. Tried to illegally back to the old 3.01 OS which failed because my itunes version was upgraded, and I had to completely reinstall from my last valid backup.

    4. Called Apple Support who charged me *$30* because their OS broke my phone and while hardware warranty last a year its only 90 days for software.

    After about 40 minutes, I finally got to a back line person who seemed to get I was trying to *downgrade* not *upgrade* the system. (unlike the first line support person who I actually became pretty mean to during the course of the conversion because she wasn't listening to me at all) He felt that a full re-install would fix it and if not, it was an application issue with bad data. Ok - if this is an OS bug (which I'm 90% sure it is) I'm going to be amazingly cranking about paying cash to help them debug their issue.

    On the second, I'm not trying to be slow here but I fail to understand how bad application data can trigger a hard hang when I haven't started *any* non-standard applications since the full upgrade. My understanding is that none of the applications (or its data) is loaded into the phone's memory until the first time it is started. The chance of data sitting on disk causing an operational behavior issue seems amazingly low

    Current status:
    1. Doing the full re-install got right of the phone slow issue (*YEA*). Ok with this one, patch upgrades to do funky sometimes.

    NOTE: I have run no non-apple apps (SMS, Mail, iCal) since the re-install so it may not last

    2. Doing the full re-install (and removing all of the applications) did nothing at all (made no sense but did my good citizen jobs and tried it anyway - no improvement over #1)

    3. I've tracked my issue down to some interaction between screen lock/screen blank and bluetooth. It seems to hang when a device tries to talk to it somewhere in the screen lock->screen blank stage (and the phone is unavailable through bluetooth at the failure). It happens frequently when:
    - I start my car
    - I restart my computer

    Still waiting for a fix (or some way to downgrade). This should not be this hard.

    Oh - and iTunes 9 (when I sync my iPhone) takes out my disk mounted on my airport extreme (note all including the disks are supported to be "certified" components - but too hold to get any help on it) requiring it to be reset.

    Cranky Cranky Cranky

    But: if I don't care about my external disk AND I always make sure my iPhone is unlocked I seem to be surviving for now

    Waiting for support responses based on new information

  • kompstafle Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have restored my phone multiple times with all the same results even after factory settings and no contact lists, no apps, no email. i manage to make one phone call and a couple webpages and then nothing, except when using wi-fi then i can run safari with no problems.
    i have not even bothered with music. i then installed free memory to see if a memory leak may be an issue and did not notice any abnormaly high memory usage. Still no phone call ability after restoring again to factory only settings with no prior data installed, conclusion $90 a month Itouch.
    im wondering if this will be considered the most disruptive update to hit the iphone. wonder what the stock price will be on monday?
    well i really like the iphone and the update looked like it had some cool features,but for now ill just use it to tell time
  • deftdrummer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I hate to say it guys, but I think its time to take out the old Nokia and use another phone until an update is released. This is unbearable, why is there not more media coverage on this yet?
  • Dezigna Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Why the **** we have this official apple forum when nobody from apple answers the huge number of questions that we have on this crappish 3.1 update. At least do something for the users at the meantime while waiting or at least apologise or anything besides keeping quiet. Maybe the asia market is nothing to them i think...
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    I have iphone 3G with OS3.1. I have the very slow app quitting issue. I know my Home Key is mechanically OK because works fine when on springboard (moving to Home Screen and between Search Screen and Home screen.)
    I updated then restored - not good.
    I erased and rest, then updated as new phone, no apps other than Apples original - not good
    I asked Genius bar and they said they hadn't heard any problems and suggested I make an appointment for them to restore from their copy of 3.1 as mine might be corrupted.
    I deleted OS3.1 ipsw and redownloaded via itunes and did full erase/restore again - no joy.

    My battery life *** - lasted less than a half day today without heavy usage.

    Sure feels like a software problem, I have to either press Home 2-3 times to get app to quit (works some of the times), or hold the home button down for 8-10 seconds, then press home a second time (works most of the time.) Feels like I'm force-quitting the app and the battery life is like something is always running in background. Turned off bluetooth, wifi and push notifications, but still the same.
    Please post a fix soon, this is very frustrating, I've come to rely on this thing!!
  • enteng.eskalera Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    same problem here...MY SCREEN IS FROZEN APPLE!!!!!!!!! tried to back up from my update lastnight (philippine time) and still no active screen. just a 31 thousand peso (almost 700 usd) iphone 3G paper weight which i just purchased last january. apple we are still waiting for you to fix this worldwide iphone 3.1 update problem in where complaints comes from namely the united states, canada, hongkong and the philippines...i cant answer anycalls...nor read any text msgs bacause of the frozen screen. stop making our iphones like guinee pigs for testing!
  • Moto San Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Although my windows OS may seem unstable, I never ever lose my entire data, or make my HDD entirely inaccessible, or had to spent hours FIXING the updates!

    This is the N times that I struggle of losing my data over iPhone's upgrade... And I am starting to get really annoyed about losing my data (recovery mode doesn't work well either)

    I paid an arm and a leg for my iPhone, and will Apple for the time and mental stress I am going through for their buggy and dictating upgrades..????????
  • Canam Carlo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    My situation is that I can now sync and backup with no problem, but I can't get my photo library to sync, regardless of me using my iPhoto library or extracting the photos to put them in the hard drive. The upside of all this is that i now know that it is possible to extract those photos. I have since placed the
    on a separate folder for me to be able to access them.

    My setup:
    iPhoto library on external HDD. Apparently my internal HDD is full, so I have to see whether or not the secure emptying of the trash that I performed yesterday will work. It freed up 520mb. I will uninstall some unneeded apps to see if I can create more space on my HDD. this is the first time in have ever encountered anything like this, but i should not be surprised: once it is made by man, no matter that it is Apple, there will be problems with it I just expect better of Apple though, quite frankly.
  • T_Slothrop Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem: very sluggish since "upgrading" to 3.1. FWIW, I do not have bluetooth enabled.
  • miahill9 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Possible Fix. 3.1 starts syncing subscribed calendars through mobile me. I turned off mobile me calendar syncing, and deleted all my calendars, after 5 minutes of testing my iphone feels much better.

    I noticed that mobile me wanted to add 3000+ events to my iCal this was the first sign for me that some thing was wrong with the calendars. Loading cal app on the iphone crashed the phone every time.

    In order to get my iphone to work well enough to do the fix i had to put the iphone in airplane mode. This seamed to really help with the speed.

    I had all the slow symptoms before this fix that every one is talking about. I hope this helps.
  • jokerox Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi Folks

    Here is a fix for the iPhone 3.1 update that causes the handset to remains caught in a restore loop ****.

    With this fix you should not need to reinstall iTunes to a previous version either, though I have only tested it with Windows OS, the same principle should work.

    When your phone is caught in the restore loop, which causes iTunes to continually ask you to reinstall your iPhone and then upon resorting it brings up an error, do the following.

    Login to another user account that has access to iTunes (any version) and plug your USB connector into the iPhone.

    iTunes will then indentify that there is a 3.1 update which you agree to download. You will then be asked to reformat the phone and install the update. Go through the process as it tried to do in the other user account, follow any prompts that iTunes asks and eventually you will return your iPhone to its factory settings.

    Next, disconnect your USB and then log back into the main user account you have previously been using your phone with, load up iTunes again and then reconnect the phone.

    iTunes will now scan for the phone and automatically (if you have a previous backup) reinstall from a previous backup, if no backup is available then simply restore.

    Once this is complete you should be left with a fully updated and more importantly working iPhone.

    Hope this works for everyone.
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