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  • nitramluap Level 1 (10 points)
    Hi ggarthe,

    I independently tried this but I DID restore from the backup file and it worked.

    Something must have been corrupt with the initial downloaded file. It has been a few days now and so far, so good. I'll report back if it starts to complain.
  • Chris Tomkins1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Have nothing new to add to this discussion except I am also having the same issues and thought it might help get apples attention to have a significant number of posters. Mine also becomes sluggish and temporarily freezes for seconds at a time and I get about a third less from my battery. In fact I had to buy an external battery because it seemed to be draining at random intervals.

  • clegger14 Level 1 (0 points)
    Nothing new to add either, just having the same problems with a frozen "slide to unlock", unresponsive when pushing the home button with a blank screen, longer boot time, etc... I'm really hoping Apple puts this at the top of their todo list.
  • rbooker Level 1 (0 points)
    Just want to add myself to the list. I have an iPhone 3G, updated to 3.1. It is acting very slow & keeps shutting down at random. In fact it has happened 3 times within the last hour.

    I am a devoted Apple user, but this is ridiculous. Apple should at least give us a time frame of when this will be fixed.

  • enteng.eskalera Level 1 (0 points)
    @clegger14...we have the same problem...what im currently doing right now is tryling to call and call my iphone number and trying to run down the battery...slide to unlock doesnt work since i upgraded last 9/13. i complained thru ---> ( ) but til now not a word from them. i have e mailed cnn and fox news pertaining to our complaints. and pasted three forum threads as evidence. lets fight this painful event. its like we are crying out for help but no help coming our way.
  • Joel Andrew Level 1 (0 points)
    I've also experienced a general slowdown of the OS since the 3.1 upgrade.

    In addition, I've had a handful of instances where the phone is unresponsive when buttons are pressed while in sleep mode. Twice I've hard rebooted the device with the simultaneous home and power buttons. The rest of the times, it will become responsive again but only after a long period of a couple minutes.
  • AmazinglySmooth Level 1 (0 points)
    Same here. At first, I thought it had shut down because I couldn't get the top button to do anything. Finally, I rebooted it by holding it down for a long time. I did this three times yesterday. The last time I did it, the home screen finally showed up and I realized that it was just acting slow.

    To help, I disabled pushing (as was suggested earlier). No slowness today--so far.
  • Gerry Panganiban Level 1 (15 points)
    A did clean install (set it up as a new phone) a few days ago, and so far it's been working great. It's a pain losing all my data/settings on a bunch of apps, but worth it if it eliminates the slowness/freezing. Anyone else have success with a clean install?
  • nujec Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm another user with the same symptoms. Please would all lurkers with this issue post on this thread about it to raise its profile!

    Frequent 10 second or more hangs with no response after updating iPhone 3G from OS 3.01 to OS 3.1. Sometimes happens when using apps, sometimes when unlocking the phone (e.g. phone display won't switch on for 10 seconds). Most recently shut down without warning. Doesn't improve when rebooted so I don't believe it's related to the old glaring memory leak issues (which Apple STILL hasn't fixed at version 3.1). I wonder if it's related to calendar syncing issues with mobile me or Web DAV.

    How could Apple think that it's acceptable to ship PHONE software in this state and not even acknowledge any sort of issue. iPhone OS 3.1 seems to be doing something behind the user's back that can take a LONG time and isn't done in the background. When will we see a patch? Why is thread marked as answered? It's clearly not answered for most people.
  • Skid Level 1 (65 points)
    I have solved my issues. You can refer back to my previous posts and the thread that I started here:

    To review, I had sluggish behavior randomly throughout the day, as well as some app crashing and 2 random phone restarts. Through trial and error, I narrowed my issues to MobileMe Calendar syncing via Push.

    Here is how I resolved my issue:

    1. In Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > MobileMe, I turned OFF "Calendars".
    2. When asked what to do with my previously synced calendars, I chose "Delete from my iPhone".
    3. This turned off Calendar synching, but all the calendars remained, obviously a problem.
    4. Now, in iTunes, I turned ON calendar syncing via iTunes selecting all Calendars.
    5. Note that I have 5 local calendars, and 8 subscribed calendars.
    6. Synced via iTunes making sure the enable the setting to replace all calendars on the phone.
    7. After syncing, I still had both "On My Mac" calendars and "MobileMe" calendars even though Push calendars were off.
    8. Perplexed, I turned Calendar syncing in iTunes back off. Synced again.
    9. Finally, no calendars on the phone. Empty calendar.
    10. Used the phone all day. No sluggish behavior at all. Good battery life.
    11. After about 10 hours, I decided to test this and re-enable my MobileMe calendars via Push.
    12. The calendars synced successfully and I haven't had any sluggishness ever since.

    Here's the short version of what you could try to resolve this issue:

    1. Turn off MobileMe calendars (and contacts if you have a lot of them) in Settings.
    2. Select "Delete from my iPhone".
    3. Restart the phone.
    4. Turn MobileMe calendars and contacts back to "On".
    5. If you still have issues, delete your MobileMe account completely, and re-add it. This will re-sync your entire MobileMe data set.

    Hopefully this can help some of you. My phone is now working perfectly.
  • Neurorad Level 1 (55 points)
    I had the same slowdowns and freezing as everyone else with 3.1 on a 3G. I turned off Safri's anti-fraud option from the main control panel, rebooted and - FIXED. Works as fast as ever. No hours wasted restoring. To easy not to try this! Anyone with similar results?
  • ebpa Level 1 (0 points)
    When I tried turning off the anti-fraud option for Safari, it didn't help, but then I also did the following (based on advice from another thread about the need to reset network settings) which has seemed to work:

    1. Turned Airplane mode on for 15 seconds then off (Settings/Airplane Mode)
    2. Turned 3g off for 15 seconds then back on (Settings/General/Network/Enable 3G)
    3. then "Reset Network Settings" (Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings)
    4. Then turned the phone off (normally) then back on.

    Hope this helps someone else. I, too, wasn't going to spend hours restoring although I did look into buying a different phone
  • Moneymaster1223 Level 1 (0 points)
    I updated to 3.1.1 and didn't see one change, no mms, no tv, nothing, it has only self turned off once, any ideas on how to get the stuff from 3.1.1?
  • ggarthe Level 1 (65 points)
    Moneymaster1223 wrote:
    I updated to 3.1.1 and didn't see one change, no mms, no tv, nothing, it has only self turned off once, any ideas on how to get the stuff from 3.1.1?

    There is no 3.1.1 for the iPhone, only 3.1. The iPod Touch is the only device that uses 3.1.1. AT&T has announced that MMS will be available Sept. 25th, and this update has nothing to do with MMS availability. No TV? I'm not even gonna guess at that one.
  • muira Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a 3Gs that will not allow the screen to minimize so that I can utilize the phone and "normally navigate thru it. Thoughts
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