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Well my boot drive failed this week so I did a clean install of everything on a new drive. Problem is, none of the other computers on the network can connect anymore? This is one of the things I loved about my Macs: click on the network icon, it shows you the computers on the network, type in your user name and password and viola', connected. I have never been a network specialist. Now, the computer running Tiger is asking for a workgroup, and ADMIN and password and the laptop running Leopard asks for the traditional name and password but then never connects (reverts back to guest). I have unplugged my router & modem and re-started everything back up but still no-joy. Now what do I do?

G5 D2.7, D1.8, MBP 17", Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    If you go to System Preferences -> Sharing -> Options, do you have a tick next to "Share files and folders using AFP"? or are you sharing using SMB?

    Also, check your firewall settings. When troubleshooting, set it to "allow all". Once it is working, you should be able to "set access for specific applications".


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    I need to learn to breathe after a hard drive failure! Yes, it was as simple as turning on file sharing. Thanks!