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My old computer crashed (boo) and I have a new computer I am using. I do not know how to sync my purchased through iTunes music and apps to my new computer when I do not have access to the old one.

Did I explain properly?

Thank you in advance.

Compaq C700, Windows Vista
  • Niel Level 10 (293,940 points)
    Purchase them again, or freely redownload them in the case of applications, or use this form to ask for a free redownload of other content.

    If you have them on an iPod or iPhone, plug it in and use the Transfer Purchases function. The computer needs to be authorized from the Store menu first.

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    Hopefully you've made backups.

    Otherwise, the question is "what died?" If it's the hard drive, you may have problems. If it's not the hard drive, but some other part of the computer (or even the operating system), you should be able to remove the hard drive and attach it to your new computer and copy the songs over. There are a number of other topics in here with links on how to accomplish this.

    Also, if you have them on an iDevice (pod, phone, etc.) you should be able to "transfer purchases" to the new computer.

    Recommend on the new computer to put all the music/apps on a hard drive separate from the one containing the operating system to hedge against future computer failure.