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My iTouch will not sync - no matter how many times I click and drag it wont sync. I tried Restore, Manual, Auto - nothing.

I ran a diagnotics test and it Failed on the Syncing Test (duh!)

When I plug in the iTouch my computer opens a window saying it recognizes a camera, not an iTouch. I am running Win XP on a Dell Vostro 1000 laptop via IE 8. Why does my computer recognize the itouch as a camera

This problem only started about 3-4 months ago after I upgraded to the 3.0 version of iTunes software. Before installing 3.0 I never had a problem.

Three other things keep happening:

1. When it connects iTunes keeps saying VErying iTouch or Synching iTouch - but this went on for hours

2. The screen freezes and I cannot do anything on the iTunes page

3. When I open iTunes I always get an error message stating "Advanced auto update module has encountered a problem and needs to close."

Any help is aprpeciated

Dell, Windows XP, IE 8, iTunes 9.0
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    I am experiencing almost the exact same thing when synching after upgrading to iTunes 9 and iPod Touch/Phone 3.1.1. The sync starts, but it sometimes stalls at "authenticating iPod" or "syncing iPod".

    I unloaded all apps and photos and still the darn thing won't complete a sync session - it just halts. When I hit CTL-ALT-DEL and select iTunes in the application bar, sometimes it restarts for a few seconds and then stops once more.

    I did find out, however, that if you can click on the "Restore Factory Settings" on the iPod before iTunes halts, it will erase all data on the iPod and completely sync, correctly, to your requested preferences in iTunes. However, subsequent attempt to sync normally still results in iTunes stalling before completing the session.

    Dear Apple, what's the fix already?
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    First, in iTunes go to Edit/Preferences and click on the Devices tab. Make sure that the "Prevent iPods and iPhones from syncing automatically" is NOT selected.

    If that's not the cause, then uninstall iTunes and "Apple Mobile Device Services". Both of these need to be removed (you won't lose your library). Then re-install iTunes and that will also install AMDS.
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    I dake sure that the "Prevent iPods and iPhones from syncing automatically" is NOT selected.

    I uninstalled iTunes and "Apple Mobile Device Services". I then re-installed iTunes 9.0 (along with the automatic installation of AMDS).

    Problems of the synch process stalling while "verifying iPod" or "syncing iPod" still continue.
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    Don't know what else to suggest, maybe turn off Genius and see if you can sync?
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    OK, I figured it out.

    I removed Windows Live Sync from the system. Judging by the registry errors I was seeing when iTunes was trying to sync, it looks as if iTunes 9 has a problem playing nice with other resident syncing utilities.

    After that I removed iTunes 9 and the went ahead and re-installed it, thusly no longer offering any chance of a sync conflict with (now departed) Windows Live Sync.
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    I actually contacted Apple via their amazing Support Service, they actually call you. I wrote about this in my blog at http://face2facetravel.blogspot.com/

    Anyway, the tech guy solved the problem completely.

    Exit out of iTunes
    Connect the iPod to my laptop
    Go into the My Computer link and right click on MANAGE the click on DEVICE MANAGER
    Scroll to the Universal Seriel Bus Controller
    See if the USB Bus Controller sees the iPod. You do this by disconnecting and then connecting the iPod. If it shows up your are in good shape. 99.99% of the time it will show up.
    Click on Disable then make sure you click on the TURN OFF link in the drop down box.
    Click APPLY then close out
    Connect your iPod, you should see NEW HARDWARE FOUND
    Let the computer do its thing
    You then should see one or two pop ups asking to install upgraded software, click YES

    This part is KEY - let everything install and then when it is totally finished it will either reboot by itself or do a manual reboot

    Once I did this everything worked and has worked ever since. THe tech guy said it is the Windows interface that acts freaky wit the Apple iTunes code

    Hope this helps and definitely read the blog - you should enjoy it


    Disconnect the iPod and reboot your machine.
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    nope it shure does not do the trick.

    tried it but it did not work at all.

    lg Schnee
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    Ok. I am having the same sort of problems. I plug my ipod touch in and it used to pop up a window saying that it was a camera. I was able to disable that, but it still won't do anything related to itunes or that recognizes it as an ipod. I have tried the previous suggestions, but the USB bus controller doesn't show my ipod on there. I guess i'm part of the .01%. What do I need to do? I have installed and reinstalled itunes 9. I have the latest version of itunes. I have tried putting my ipod in recovery mode, but a windows update manager pops up. When I go through its process, I find that I need to have some CD that I was supposed to get with my ipod. I don't remember getting a CD and if I did, I don't know where it is. Please help.
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    Same here... I upgraged to iTunes 9 today and now cannot sync my Touch with the computer. EVERY time I connect them the computer thinks it's a camera. urghhh.
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    My computer does the same, it recognizes both of our Touch's as cameras, my Corel window opens and says there an "Apple Camera" attached. I just close it and ignore it.