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KiwiAdventure Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
My battery lasts a lot longer since the 3.1 update. When I did the 3 update my battery life shortened to not even 9 hours in a normal work day. Apple even replaced the phone but that did not change the battery life. Now the battery will last 24 hours on a normal work day with the 3.1 update.

Iphone 3g
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,370 points)
    This is good, but there seems to be a mix of some people reporting improved battery life and others reporting decreased battery life.
  • shenry Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    I am seeing similar problem on my 3GS 32G. Battery life is MUCH shorter with 3.1 then 3.0. I've been using same settings as in 3.0 (bluetooth on, wifi, push on from mobileme and constant 3G cell connection). I thought 3.1 was suppose to improve battery life on the 3GS!
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10 (123,370 points)
    I read nothing included with the details about firmware update 3.1 about the update improving battery life. 3.1 includes some bug fixes which may indirectly was provided to improve battery life, but improving battery life was not specifically mentioned with any of the detailed info Apple has provided.
  • KiwiAdventure Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I can confirm my battery now last for two days not the 9 hours it did before the 3.1 up grade
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    I just got the iPhone 3GS 16G last Friday. I am new to the AT&T and the iPhone, all my friends have one though. My phone came with 3.1, and I must say, I'm alittle disappointed with the life of my battery. My friends that have yet to get the 3.1 update have no issues with their batteries, and their phones can last considerably longer than mine before needing to charge. Doing some searching online I have found that this is a pretty common problem with the 3.1 update. Is Apple doing anything to fix it? Should I take this phone to the apple store and see if I can get it replaced? Great phone, I just know the battery should last alot longer that it is.
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,630 points)
    Well, if you go into a hospital it's pretty common for people to be sick. And if you come to this forum it's pretty common for people to have problems, or they wouldn't be here. But that doesn't mean everyone is sick or everyone has battery problems.

    You can see if your phone is normal or not by monitoring Usage (Settings/General/Usage). Charge the phone all the way. Start using it and keep a mental note of how often you use it and for how long. At the end of the day look at Usage again. If the Usage number is about what you remember then the phone is working the way it should, and it is merely that you have a new device that you are using a lot. If the Usage is much higher than you recall using it then you have a problem with a runaway app. Let us know and we can help resolve the problem, if any.
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    My battery life has diminished significantly since updating to 3.1.

    It drops >10% per hour even if I don't use the device at all.
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,630 points)
    Then there's something wrong with YOUR phone, not with everyone's or with 3.1 in general. If I don't use my phone the usage stays pretty constant, dropping a percent or two due to push notifications. The usual cause is an app that has run away. This could be any app that uses Notifications, Maps or email.

    To troubleshoot the problem first turn off notifications. If the battery still drops when the phone isn't in use go to Maps and see if the little circle in the lower left is blue. If it is tap it once or twice until the color goes away.

    If it is still a problem delete any push email accounts, reboot, and add them back. By this point the problem is solved for most people. If you still have the problem try a Restore, and if that doesn't fix it sync to do a backup, then "Erase all Settings and Data", then connect to iTunes and Restore as a new phone.
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    well, I'm in the metaphoric hospital ( on this blog) and I am ++ happy with the my iphone 3g 3.1 upgrade,
    its given me a "search" function which I find very useful ( much quicker finding contacts this way). My battery life is fine, I plug it in every night and in the morning its good.
    My phone is a bit slow, always has been, but its tolerable
    Eventually I'll upgrade to a 3gs and I know they are faster
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    Pre 3.1 update (OS 3.0, I hadn't tried 3.0.1) I used to get about 2 days standby time with 2-3 Fetchmail accounts, 1 Exchange push, and Mobile Me pushing contacts and calendar (no mail). in addition to 1-2 apps with push notifications. Now since upgrading to 3.1 I'll be lucky to get 12 hours on Standby. Example, this morning I took the phone off charger at 8:27am and left for work. My commute is about 30 minutes. By the time I got to work I had 88% battery life left. Currently after texting sporadic from 9am to now (11:31am) I have 36%!!! ***??? I even turned off push notifications for my 1-2 apps, and dropped all my mail accounts except Exchange and Mobile me. I noticed the Phone is super responsive since upgrading so could the drop in battery life be attributed to increase CPU scaling? Maybe the OS core processes no longer sit idle??? Apple please fix this ASAP! I understand needing to charge by the end of the day, but 12 hours on standby is ridiculous, especially since you won't allow us to go back to 3.0. Oh I should mention I have a 3gs 32GB black...

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    My battery life is much shorter since upgrading to 3.1. The change was dramatic. I have since tried optimizing some settings as suggested in Apple's help pages, but this hasn't had an appreciable impact. It seems clear that the problem is attributable to the new software. Before going through a repair/replacement process, I'm holding out hope that Apple will fix the problem with the software.
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    Count me in as one of those who has experienced a much diminished battery life after the 3.1 update. Prior to the 3.1 I had decent battery life and now since the update within a few hours of light usage I'm literarily down to a huge percentage. I hope this issue gets resolved in the next update.
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,630 points)
    If it's clear that it's the new software, then why doesn't it happen to everyone? My battery life is BETTER with 3.1, and that's with absolutely everything on (WiFi, BT, 3G, Notifications, Push, Location Services). And I'm not alone.
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    Well there has to be something going on because Apple has sent out a Battery Log to people who request it to transmit the information back to Apple, so it can't be an isolated problem. ting-poor-battery-life/
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