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Error message in finder is: You don't have permission to rename the item "untitled folder".

Since upgrading, I am unable to rename subdirectories located on samba mounts..

For example, if I mount smb://server/content, then create a directory named dir1, then one inside named dir2, I get an error attempting to rename 'untitled folder' when naming it dir2.

If I access the same share from windows, I can rename it.

On the server, the permissions for untitled folder match exactly to the permissions on directories created manually on the server (i.e., mkdir somefolder)

Why am I not able to rename directories?

Could those of you who have functional mounts give this a try and see if it's just me?

I can rename the initial directory, just not any subsequent directories.

Lastly, my smb.conf on the server is tripple7 to clear any doubt on that front:

comment = Primary
path = /media/primary
read only = no
browseable = yes
writeable = yes
create mode = 0777
directory mode = 0777

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Mac OS X (10.6)
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