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Ian Parkinson Level 6 Level 6
Genius Mixes really don't appear to be doing a good job for me :-

The Genre appears to have nothing to do with the content of Genius Mixes.
It is certainly NOT using the Genres I have assigned to my music.
For example it has created a "Pop Mix based on Justin Timberlake, MIKA, Madonna and others..."

The first track it then played was by Il Divo which is classed as Easy Listening in my Library.
Then we got a Madonna track followed by Shane Ward (both have a Genre of Pop so OK there).
Then we got a slow track by Maria Friedman that is also Easy Listening.
Then Barbara Streisand - I Loves you Porgy another Easy Listening track, nothing like Pop!
Not sure I'm liking these Genius Mixes.

Another time I was playing a Pop mix and up popped a song from the musical Annie, which is classed as Genre Musical in my Library, not a good selection at all.

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  • jlow Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same issue. I have assigned genre to all my music. In every genius mix I get christmas music. Very annoying. I am also wondering if there is way to control what music, by genre, that goes into the genius mix. Genius mix is a good idea, but not working well.
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 Level 6
    Mine seems better sine I updated to 9.0.1.
  • Robert Kamphuis Level 1 Level 1

    I have similar complaints: over 60% of my library has classical music, the rest pop/rock/jazz/etc.
    yet, the genius-mixes created, have one classical-music, and 11 with other things.

    I would like to be able direct this 'genius' a bit better - have at least one separate opera-mix, one
    orchestral classical, one piano-classical (>40% of all is classical-piano). I would like to keep my xmas music for the two weeks a year, etc. I can image other people having similar wishes for their genius lists.

    So - nice idea, but not quite there yet!

    I switched to use my "own" genius mix created by picking a favorite song (eg. some piano piece), creating the genius list, and get mostly piano music - but not quite all. Thereafter, I create a smart-playlist picking only from genre classical-piano from the genius playlist. I have a bunch of these type of smart-genius-lists per my likings, and typically use the itunes-dj to pick from these. It's missing the nice graphs of genius-mix but it works for me. Once a while I hit refresh to get another 100 tracks per genius-list.

    Let's see what apple does next with this.