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I just recently installed Snow Leopard. It was part of a family pack, and other people have installed it so I don't think its a disk issue. Not only that, but I have seen this issue in other places on the internet.

Sometimes when i use the four finger swipe trackpad gesture on my macbook alu body, up or down it gets stuck and goes crazy. It won't go back to normal without me clicking on something. (e.g. I use 4 finger swipe up to show the desktop, it jitters back and forth and gets stuck in the "minimized" mode. I have to click on an open app to get them to come down again.) Its completely random, also happens with swipe down to do expose. Its VERY irritating. Is this a known bug? is there a fix? Can someone report this bug? Give me something. Thanks.

macbook 13" aluminum body, Mac OS X (10.5.6), macbook