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OK guys, so I sent in the IPOD touch that I bought 10 months ago with a white screen of death. Havent dropped it, use a protective case with screen guard and everything. I can take pictures of the OS still working save them and transfer them to see my wonderful IPOD touch at work. But all I can see is white screen of death. Nothing else. Restored it etc... sent it to be repaired and they said that it was damaged due to negligence. What negligence? No description of this negligence and no evidence of any negligence. I really liked my IPOD touch. Dear Steve Jobs, please come out with a product that works for more than 10 months and then when service is requested, please dont blame the customer who bought your lousy product. Im out 300 bucks and am sorely disappointed. It worked great until one day it just had a white screen, I see many other people describin the same thing. can you help?

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