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I am at about 5 computers, all mac laptops, for iTunes. Two of which are dead and buried. How do I nuke them and not nuke the others. And, if I nuked all of them, what happens to my music I have currently?

Power Book G4, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
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    Thanks, bro. Er.. but that did not even come close to answering the question.
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    Sorry bro, er what didn't you understand? Being rude is no way to get assistance. It not only comes close to answering your question. It indeed answers your question.

    You cannot de-activate a computer that you do not have access to.

    Your option is to de-authorize them all, then re-authorize your current computers.

    Nothing happens to the music. Authorization only give you permission to listen to protected music. It does not affect the music on the computer. You can listen to it as soon as you re-authorize your computer.

    Good luck. Does that come close to answering your question bro?
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    Yes! That did it! (And I was not trying to be rude. Sorry if it came off that way.)

    The question was, "How do I de authorize a computer I no longer own." I read about all of your link and did not see anything about un-owned computers. So that is why I responded that the link was no help.

    If what you say is true, that I can not do it. THAT, answers the question. (And Thanks!)
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    Again, it seems you've misinterpreted. Just go to your Account, per the instructions in the link, de-authorize all computers, and re-authorize the ones you own.
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    Ok, for some reason, I have two authorized, but I think I have ever only done one. Can I reauthorize the same computer a couple more times to reach 5 so the remove all switch activates? Then I can remove all and start fresh..