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Hi, i would like to know if is necessary to protect new nano with some sort of protection film or if the new materials (screen and case) are strong enough to scratches... what do you suggest?


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  • ltrz Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    Simply put, YES.

    I just bought the new nano about oh 20mins ago. (silver). it does fill somewhat tough. however while at bestbuy they have only had their displays up for not even a full week and already they were scratched a little bit. (people dont respect displays, but still kind of an indication). plus protecting the body and screen will allow u to enjoy a better lookin nano for a lot longer. (esp protect the video screen (back side) prone to get scratch and if it does, there goes the use of taking video.
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    Any idea on which shield to use? I had the first Video iPod from Apple and bought Invisible shiedl. Impressie quality but too much expensive.... any substitute?
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    well. personally i think thats more to ur pref. however Products made by Griffin, Body Glove, etc.. make very good products. I would say check those products out. while at the store i didnt see any protection products that fit for the new nano (so u can take videos with out having to remove the case/protection shield)
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    Ok, thanks, i'll search for a transpaent film, obviously should fits ipod nano 5g so in case i'll not find anything i'll wait and use my ipod very carefully
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    My son has the clear Belkin case for his iPod Nano and he really likes it. Since I just received my 5th gen Nano today I'm looking for a case myself. I am hoping that Belkin will make a clear one available that accommodates the video camera opening ASAP. From their website it looks like they will but I can't tell how they will handle the lens.
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    I would suggest waiting a few more weeks and getting a Griffin iClear polycarbonate case for 5th gen. Once available the case can be purchased alone, or with a belt clip and armband.

    The information should become available here:
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    I've seen Griffin case but i prefere a simply and invisible shield covering the whole ipod... is the griffin one like that?
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    Click on the link I provided and check out the case on the far right side ... that the iClear.
  • Benna Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    Seen, but i mean something more like this:

    http://www.zagg.com/invisibleshield/apple-ipod-nano-5th-gen-cases-screen-protect ors-covers-skins-shields.php

    Much less invasive, this is a real FILM. the griffin one changes the real size of the nano...