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Andy Moore Level 3 (985 points)
I am trying to reinstall 10.4 and I keep getting that error message.

What gives???


imac G5 20; imac G5 x2; imac intel x2; ibook G4; macbook air; ipod touch, Mac OS X (10.5.7), iphone 3G
  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,760 points)
    That has come up before and the problem turned out to be that the Install CD/DVD being used was not new enough for the Mac in question.

    In general you need to use either the Install disks that came with your particular Mac or a retail version of the OS X disks that dates from after the time of release of your Mac model.
  • Andy Moore Level 3 (985 points)

    Okay, I moved on to trying with my Leopard disks. They must be new enough, but when I reboot my iMac wont start up and the fans blow full-blast.

    Any ideas?