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Ok I need some help-

I updated my work computer (PC) to the new iTunes 9. now everytime I open iTunes it shows a log in box that says: Proxy Authentication Required.

I type in my network login and click "OK" sometimes it asks again and I just click ok. I check Remember password but next time I launch iTunes it asks again. Any way that I can stop it from asking? it never asked beofore I updated.

In my LAN connections under Internet Options I only have "Automatically detect settings" selected.

I have tried checking the other options but nothing changes.

Any help would be appreciated.

As a side note since I installed iTunes 9 my safari has been having problems. When I try to log into certain sites (i.e. this site) It says I entered the wrong info for my companies proxy server incorrectly. If I use IE or Firefox it works fine and I can connect.


MacBook Pro, Also use PC at work