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Recently my family just upgraded our iMac Tiger to Snow Leopard, and purchased a second external drive with 1 TB space. I already have a storage drive that holds my music, movies, podcasts, photo documentation for art, etc. The 1 TB external drive was a surprise college gift to me, so my brother copied everything from the old drive to the new one. This was great, except somehow it screwed up the directory links of my entire library. I tried going to itunes > preferences > advanced > change location of media folder back to my original external drive because the music was still on there as well, but this didn't work. I tried defaulting to the original settings and music on the hard drive. This didn't work either. All of my music is still on the original external drive, so I tried locating the files one by one, but after fifty or so, iTunes got bogged down, and there's a ten second delay in between songs.

So. :/

Is there any way I can mass locate all of the songs without gutting my library?
I have just over 10,000 songs that I've put a lot of time and energy into organizing, tagging, etc. I reallyreallyreally don't want to lose all of that!

I would really appreciate some help!
Thank you!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    so my brother copied everything from the old drive to the new one.

    That's not how to move the iTunes music to a new drive.
    See this -> iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Music folder

    Since you already moved it, use the script below.
    See this script -> iTunes Track CPR v1.3
    "This script attempts to locate the files of so-called "dead tracks"--iTunes tracks designated with (!)--that you assume are not actually missing but are still located in the iTunes Music folder in their "iTunes File Order" (Music -> Artist -> Album -> file.xxx)."
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    Yeah, I figured that wasn't the right way. :/

    Thank you for the script! I read the read me, and unchecked the organzation box in the advanced settings, highlighted some test songs I wanted it to find, but it keeps giving me this error when I try to run the script..

    Can't get selection of "iTunes".

    Do you by chance know what that means/how to fix it?

    Thank you!
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    it keeps giving me this error when I try to run the script..
    an't get selection of "iTunes".

    Kinda tells me that the script is not getting the selected items in iTunes.

    It may be a problem with iTunes 9.
    I'll have a look later tonight.

    Do you have iTunes prefs -> Advanced - iTunes music folder location pointed to the correct iTunes music folder?
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    Yeah, it's directed at the right folder..
    I just rebooted iTunes, and tried running the script again.
    It worked this time, but when it finishes, it says

    iTunes Track CPR

    Total tracks: 1
    Total MIAs: 1
    Recovered: 0
    Still MIA: 0

    Did that for a couple trial songs.
    Tried doing it for a whole album, and the album disappeared off my library with the same little message at the end. Huh. Not good.
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    Are the files still in \Artist\Album\track name folders/filename?
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