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I just got my new 2009 13" MacBook Pro.
I have installed Vista and loaded my Boot Camp drivers.
I am trying to use the built in microphone for Skype.
It appears in the Sound menu in the control panel as a working audio input and sound recorder works perfectly as well.
However, whenever I select the microphone in Skype, there is no sound.
The mic comes up as a Cirrus Logic CS4206A(AB75) device. Skype won't get any input from the mic. Does anyone know how to use Skype in Boot Camp with the new MacBook Pro hardware?


MacBook Pro - 2009, Windows Vista
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    Hi Nosenzoa,
    I have the same problem and am curious if you have found a solution to the microphone problem.
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    unfortunately no. Still no answers...
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    Apple has refused to acknowledge the microphone issue in windows.
    I have absolutely no idea what to suggest you do...I'm just angry as ****.
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    Welcome to the club.

    The issue is a mix of bootcamp and certain software. Other Apps like Acid Pro and Sound Recorder seem to work well. The issue seems to only happen with some apps.

    Anyone know other apps that cause the mic not to work?
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    Like what I presume is thousands of people (potentially all users of the new Macbook Pro's, should they choose to run a dual-boot system), I too have significant problems with the Macbook Pro's audio drivers while running Windows Vista using Bootcamp.

    I am outraged that Apple chooses to ignore its costumers. Had I known that the problems with the audio drivers (and such a lack of will to fix them or at least admit to their existence) existed before I purchased my computer, I wouldn't have spent $2,000 on it. Simple as that.

    I wonder if a car company could have gotten away with leaving out a vital part of a car, let's say the headlights, and then never listening to the complaints of the people who would buy the car in good belief. It seems to me that only a company spoiled with goodwill can do such a thing, and the fact that the problem is quite technical makes it easy for Apple to ignore.

    I find it appalling that Apple has been ignoring its costumers since the release of the mid 2009 models (4 months and counting, a huge thread of complaints building up here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2037093&tstart=0) , and I do not intent to support the company anymore.

    Greetings from a very unsatisfied (and disappointed) customer.
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    You may be having the same troubles that many others have with Skype, microphones and Windows, and not with the Mac at all.

    A Google search may give answers--although I have friends with Windows machines that are still searching.

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    This is really bad behaviour from Apple. We're a Mac house with 200+ Mac users, and everyone on newer MacBook Pro using Cirrus Logic driver have the same Skype mic problem - someone fix it, please!
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    The microphone appears to be working if you go into the "sounds" option in control panel. It responds to voices and sounds. But for some reason it is not being ported over to the Skype console. I would say it would definitely be a driver issue.
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    I managed to get the mic working in Skype running Windows 7 RC 64 bit on my Mac Book Pro.

    It's a Skype problem. The program automatically selects the DIGITAL input. You need to change it to the RealTex internal microphone.

    From Skype, go into Tools -> Options -> Audio Settings and make sure the microphone is selected instead of the digital input.

    Works for me.

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